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Explained What Is The Porcelain Challenge And Meaning After It Goes Viral On TikTok

Are you up for the challenge! The video-sharing platform TikTok has always been the home for challenges. And the latest challenge of the platform that has left everyone confused is Porcelain challenge, know its meaning on TikTok

The challenge has taken over the platform as many videos are swirling around the social media talking about the Porcelain challenge which left many wondering what this is all about.

And to make it more confusing there is even a fake Fox News report on the same. However the trend is not real nor is it something to joke about.

What Is The Porcelain Challenge And Meaning After It Goes Viral On TikTok

We all social media are day by day becoming the box of trends which often leads to something very dangerous. We have seen it happening with the blackout challenge, the Nyquil Chicken challenge, and many others.

Here’s all the details about the Porcelain challenge which have taken over the platform.

Speaking about the Porcelain challenge, the whole idea of the challenge was started after a TikTok user Sebastian Durfee who goes by the username @childprogeny created a video about making everyone believe that the trend is real.

The caption of his that video reads, “Help me make videos with the hashtag #porcelainchallenge to freak out the boomers.”

In the video, Durfee was seen saying, “Do you think if we plan it together to boomers to freak out about a fake TikTok challenge and what if we call it the Porcelain challenge and we say like “Oh, Gen Z is like grinding up their parent’s china into a fine powder and snorting it.”

The whole idea behind the challenge is to reference it enough to make everyone believe that it is a real trend.

To make it look like the challenge is real, there is even a fake Fox News report video created by the influencer himself.

The fake headline of the news reads, “What’s the Porcelain challenge? A new TikTok trend encourages teenagers to snort powder chinaware.”

Apart from this, there are several videos with the hashtags being uploaded by many others which have now made this whole bizarre thing a viral trend.

As entertaining as it may sound, to make others believe about something which is not real can lead to dangerous things.

Let us remind you once again, the Nyquil Chicken challenge. The challenge was started as a meme back in 2017.

Though at first, people made a joke about it, a couple of years later someone decided to turn the whole trend into reality.

And they even went on to try out the process of dipping chicken into Nyquil for a YouTube video.

In 2022, FDA issued a statement warning people about the dangers of this trend because people decided to consume it in real.

We all need to understand, TikTok or any other social media platform are being used by teenagers too and they also consume the same content.

And nowadays when there are so many ways to make a thing go trendy, it’s hard to differentiate between what’s real and what’s not. Though something might feel like a joke for a few it could lead to something dangerous in no time.

If you come across these kinds of videos encouraging the Porcelain challenge, we urge you to report them immediately. To do so follow these few simple steps.

Click on the share symbol on the right side of your screen. Click on the “report” option from the list that appears.

Select “dangerous acts and challenges,” and then click on the “submit.”

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