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Exploring the Controversial ‘Trad Wife’ Trend on TikTok: Meaning and Backlash

Trad Wife is the latest trend on TikTok and users are having a debate over the same. Well, it isn’t always that a trend is welcomed by all with its idea. Some even get a not-so-good reaction to it as happened with the latest Trad Wife trend of TikTok. If you haven’t come across this one yet. Then here’s what it is all about.

Read ahead to know more about the Trad Wife trend of TikTok sparking controversy online.

Trad Wife trend on TikTok goes viral

Amid so many trends on TikTok that we get every day one of the trends is going viral called the Trad Wife. The trend is all about women and to be specific it’s about traditional housewives. The trend actually talks about the women of the past time who were confined to the kitchen and would dress up for their husbands.

The trend is all about the women who are encouraging the life of women meant for staying at home as well. However, despite women sharing videos under the trend showing their lifestyle and tips as traditional housewives. Social media is abuzz with reactions on the same.

What exactly is the trend Trad Wife on TikTok?

While we often see that a trend encourages other users to dive into it. With the Trad Wife trend too we have got one such trend where some women are coming forward to show how their role as a traditional wife.

One of the TikToker Estee Williams on the Trad Wife trend said “A woman who prefers to take a traditional or ultra-traditional role in marriage, including the beliefs that a woman’s place is in the home”. Yet, what the trend has left an impression on users of social media is that a debate has begun on the same.

TikTok users’ react to the Trad Wife trend

Although some of the TikTok users might have liked the concept of Trad Wife. Some have even come with an opposite reaction on the same. Many users of TikTok believe the trend serves more as a gateway to sexism.

While some women are supporting the Trad Wife idea. Some have criticized it. As social media has been flooded with reactions of both kinds. Some users think the old idea of traditional housewives is not something to be encouraged much.

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