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Ezra Miller Admonishes Cops Over Sore Wrists and Incorrect Pronoun Usage in Body Cam Footage

More body cam footage has been released of one of Ezra Miller’s arrests in Hawaii, and the actor gets a bit heated in the clip. Back in March, Miller was apprehended by police in Hawaii following an incident at a local bar where they’d been allegedly harassing other patrons. They were charged with disorderly conduct and harassment.

Previously, parts of the arrest had been unveiled in video footage shared to the internet. In the video, Miller can be seen complaining about nerve damage they’d suffered to their wrists from a prior arrest. As they get into the police cruiser, they continuously ask the arresting officers to be careful with the handcuffs to avoid causing more damage to their wrists.

On the ride to the station is when things start getting more heated. While speaking with Miller, an officer refers to them as “sir,” sparking a negative reaction. Miller, audibly angry, explains, “I’m sorry, I’m not a sir. I’m a transgender nonbinary. If you fail to do that again, that is an act of intentional bigotry, and it is a technical hate crime under U.S. federal law. Please call me they/them/their, and you can use the term ‘mx’ if you prefer. Transgender nonbinary!”

You can watch the full video clip at TMZ.

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It was less than a month later when Ezra Miller had their next brush with the law. They were arrested again on assault charges after allegedly throwing a chair at a party, hitting a woman in the head. It was unfortunately nothing new for Miller, who had also come under fire for allegedly attacking a woman in 2020. They didn’t face criminal charges in that incident but the actor was met with backlash when the video went viral.

The negative press is something that Warner Bros. would certainly not be happy about, especially as there has been a lot of promotion for the upcoming superhero movie The Flash. Miller stars as the titular Justice League member in what will basically be DC’s version of the blockbuster multiverse movie. Different versions of Batman will appear, including Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck, but it will all be tied together with Miller’s Barry Allen in the lead. Recasting the role at this point is practically impossible given that it has already been shot and Miller is the lead actor.

With that said, it’s always possible Warner Bros. will cut ties with Miller after The Flash is released. The multiverse makes it easy enough to recast the role in the DCEU moving forward if needed. Many fans have been campaigning for Grant Gustin, who plays the Arrowverse incarnation of The Flash, to take over on the big screen as well. However, as of now, there hasn’t been any official word from Warner Bros. about removing Miller from the DCEU, even with rumors flying about their potential exit.

The Flash is set to hit theaters on June 23, 2023.



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