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Faced with criticism of his links with Uber, Macron clings to the wheel



In his July 14 interview, Emmanuel Macron denied having been manipulated by American society, but assumed that he had worked to liberalize the taxi and labor markets.

The exercise could be called “Macron by Macron”. With in the main role, a President of the Republic elected in 2017 on a promise of “emancipation” and assuming himself without shadow for a liberalization of the forced march labor market. And on the side of the supporting roles, opposition heated white by the revelations Uber Files on its proximity to the multinational. “Screams of orfray”, sweeps the head of state.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) revealed on Sunday how Emmanuel Macron, then Minister of the Economy (from 2014 to 2016) went out of his way to facilitate the establishment of Uber in France, at a time when the Californian company was widely decried.

“Open market in a balanced way”

In the gardens of the Elysée, on the occasion of the traditional interview of July 14, Uber arrives between a long presidential statement focused on the war in Ukraine and announcements of social reforms in a flurry. Asked by Anne-Claire Coudray and Caroline Roux about his work in favor of the liberalization of the labor market, the Head of State does not blink: “I totally defended this opening and I would defend it again. tomorrow.”

According to him, at the time of the establishment of Uber in France, “we had transport needs and we had job creation needs”. The law of supply and demand, says the head of state, who assures us that it was not the taxi drivers who “were fat” but rather “the big companies who had closed the market”. Or, in his logic, an inadmissible rent situation. “I did not help Uber at all specifically,” he defends himself, specifying nevertheless that he “opened the market in a balanced way”.

But at what price, reproach him since his detractors. What about the precariousness of hybrid bikes? Macron brings out the argument of “thousands of young people from difficult neighborhoods” to whom employers did not give – before Uber therefore – “an answer to their CV”. “Thanks to that, they found their first professional activity, their first paycheck. […] I’ll tell you that I’m sorry? Never, ”slices the former minister. But, President Macron does not forget to plead for more regulation of the digital giants: “Our country must do this at the same time, that of the ambition of the taste of the future and of justice.”

“Are you kidding or what?”

The Uber Files investigation also sheds light on how the former minister acted in the shadow of a socialist government whose members were not really fans of this new model of transport and social organization. Did Macron act behind their backs? “Are you kidding or what?” he pretends to wonder in front of his two interviewers. Sure of himself: “When you’re a minister, you don’t do things against the advice of the government.” With Liberation, François Hollande nevertheless assured that there “has never been, at the level of the Elysée, the knowledge of the slightest deal”.

Speaking of “alleged investigations”, he challenges journalists to detect the presence of the slightest “element” allowing to affirm that he would have been manipulated. Privileged intermediary of Uber in France, to the point of passing amendments drafted by the Californian company, would Macron have been permeable to his lobbying? He retorts bravado: “I don’t have a temperament to be under the influence.”




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