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Fact Check: Is Drew Starkey Dead In 2022? TikTok Rumors Explained

Fans of Drew Starkey became popular as one of the videos on TikTok made all confused at it. Well, you must not be new to death hoaxes by now for sure if you are an active internet user. As there have been plenty of celebs about whom death hoaxes went viral. But the one going viral about Drew Starkey is surely not a death hoax. But does that mean Drew is dead in 2022?

Read ahead to know more about the TikTok video on Drew Starkey leaves fans thinking the star is dead in 2022.

TikTok video about Drew Starkey makes his fans worried

There has been plenty of news on the internet saying this or that celeb died. Despite that not being true at all. However, recently what we found on TikTok was a video from a user that had clips of Drew Starkey. But it was the caption that made all his fans worried.

@rafeesstarkey That last video is one of my favourites ever of him ❤️ genuinely so sad I’ll never meet / know him 🙁 #drewstarkey ♬ original sound – rmfc

The caption with the clips of Drew Starkey read “That last video is one of my favourite ever of him…genuinely so sad I’ll never meet/know him”. While the overlay text on the video had “I love you, Drew. But, you are not mine”. However, fans of Drew took it in a manner thinking Drew is dead.

Is Drew Starkey dead in 2022?

Though the video on TikTok by the user seemed like it was Drew Starkey’s last video. It was surely not what it tried to imply. As fans thought that Drew is dead and that it was his last video. But the user posting the video came up with an explanation on the same for the Drew fans.

As the user told, “Wait why is everyone thinking he’s dead! I’m just saying I’ll probably never meet him??”. Hence, fans of Drew Starkey need not worry as Drew Starkey is absolutely fine and good in 2022. It was just a misinterpretation of the video by some that made some believe Drew is dead.

Users must report death hoaxes

Though the video on Drew Starkey wasn’t something you can call a death hoax. However, we do come across death hoaxes targeting some celebs on the internet often. Hence, users must be careful with such death hoaxes before believing in them.

Meanwhile, you also get the option of reporting such death hoaxes or even other kinds of fake news on the internet. Thus, all you must do with this meaningless and misleading information is report it. So, that it doesn’t circulate on the internet.

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