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Fact Check: is Hulk Hogan Paralyzed? Wrestling Legend Reportedly Underwent 25 Surgeries

Apparently, things have gotten a little worse for Hulk Hogan after undergoing yet another back surgery. Kurt Angle reportedly told the 69-year-old wrestling legend that after the treatment, he is unable to feel his lower body. In a podcast interview for his show, ‘The Kurt Angle Show’, Angle explained Hogan had surgery again to repair the nerves running through his lower body. As a result, he doesn’t feel anything in the lower body. In 2010, Hogan underwent a 10-hour back surgery. Therefore, he uses a cane to walk around. As a result of years of fighting inside the ring, he checked into a Tampa area hospital in 2010 to receive treatment for his ailing back.

Angle said Hogan used the cane because he had back pain when discussing his recent surgery. There is no pain in his body. There is nothing at all for him. It is impossible for him to feel anything. As a result, he no longer feels his legs. Having to walk with a cane is pretty serious, man. Hogan hasn’t yet reacted to Angle’s assertions. Supporters have expressed concern after Hogan’s health situation was revealed. As one fan put it, So they cut a nerve during surgery and Hulk Hogan doesn’t know what his legs feel like?!?

The Legendary Wrestler Hulk Hogan Has Been Unable To Feel His Lower Body Since Undergoing Back Surgery To Remove Nerves

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan is relying on a cane for mobility and does not have feeling in his lower body, according to Kurt Angle. He had nerves removed from his back during surgery, which led to the sad health update. Kurt Angle shared an update on Hogan’s health during his podcast The Kurt Angle Show. A second surgery was performed on Hogan’s back. Nerves were cut from his lower body. As a result, he needs to use his cane to walk around because he cannot feel his lower body. My first thought was that he was using the cane to ease his back pain. Neither does he have any pain, nor does he have anything. There is nothing he can feel. His legs no longer work, so he has to walk with a cane. I think that’s pretty serious, man. My heart goes out to Hogan. His heart and soul were immersed in the business, which ate him alive. During RAW’s 30th-anniversary celebration in Philadelphia on January 23, Angle revealed he spoke with Hogan, who said he could no longer feel his lower body due to back surgery.

The 69-year-old wrestler, real name Terry Gene Bollea, was a popular figure during the 1980s and helped to break the sport into the mainstream. Whenever the topic of who is the greatest wrestler of all time is discussed, Hogan’s name always comes up. He’s the face and name of the company (Hogan). In terms of pro wrestling, he’s the guy who revolutionized it. He is someone I greatly respect,” Angle said. A multitude of supporters has expressed concerns following the revelation of Hogan’s health situation. “Man, I’m sure this has made Hogan feel awful, but what matters most is he’s still alive,” a fan wrote. Only a tweet saying “morning” was Hogan’s only public comment about his health battle on Monday. He has not made any statements or comments publicly about his health battle. As one of the sport’s most famous figures, Hogan became a professional wrestler in 1977 and signed for the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) in 1983.



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