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Fact Check: is Karol G Pregnant in 2023? Singer Explains Her Tummy in Instagram Picture

Columbian singer-songwriter Karol G’s recent Instagram post has sparked a rumor about her saying she is pregnant. Well, reacting in the same the singer has herself broken her silence. While netizens have been reacting on the same which has made the internet go abuzz with it. Karol had recently shared her pics on Instagram. That gave rise to her pregnancy rumors.

Read ahead to know more about if Karol G is pregnant in 2023 or not.

Karol G’s latest Instagram post sparks pregnancy rumors

Karol G, the Colombian singer-songwriter has always been a popular artist with millions of her fans. She is also active on social media and keeps posting pics of herself often. However, her recent Instagram post was something that sparked rumors about her.

The Instagram post of Karol recently showed some of the pics of the singer. Where the tummy of the singer was what attracted everyone’s eyes. Unlike the perfectly fit belly of any celeb, the tummy of Karol made many believe the singer was pregnant.

Netizens’ reacted to the Instagram post of Karol G

Ever since netizens came across the pics of Karol G on Instagram. Her tummy has been making all speculate that the singer is pregnant in 2023. The not so fit tummy of Karol made many think that the singer is indeed expecting. While many even made comments on the same.

Some of the netizens wrote, “I’m going to be heartbroken if Karol G is pregnant”. While another user on Twitter wrote, “All i see is Karol G pregnant and beautiful”. While now the singer has broken the silence on the pregnancy rumors.

Karol G reacts to the pregnancy rumors

Karol G has even come across some mean comments about her pregnancy on social media. However, the singer has finally broken her silence in the same as she reacted to those rumors recently.

The singer making it clear that she isn’t pregnant said “The photos were not taken by worst enemy, they were taken by one of the best photographers I’ve ever met and i still can’t believe we took photos together. It’s not about whether or not my body favors me because well, it’s my body, and it’s like that. So, why look for it to fit me differently?”.

Karol G Pregnant
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