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Fake ‘Russian Fallen Angel’ Statue Viral on TikTok

A viral TikTok video claiming to be showing a Russian fallen angel has been grabbing everyone’s attention these days. While it has become a topic of debate. Here’s everything you know about the viral video that shows the Russian fallen angel. So, is the video of the Russian fallen angel real that’s going viral on TikTok?

Read ahead to know more about the viral video of a Russian fallen angel.

Video of a Russian fallen angel goes viral on the internet

It was on 25th January 2023 that a TikTok video surfaced claiming of showing a Russian fallen angel. It was a TikTok user @yura.amyr28rus who shared the video of the statue that was said to have been excavated by some miners near a Russian town Zeya.

@yura.amyr28rus ♬ оригинальный звук – Юрий

The video showed a big old-looking statue. However, it was the story around the statue that made all believe that it was indeed a Russian fallen angel. The statue had a sword and a shield with its while the wings of it made many think it could have been a fallen angel. But was it really true about that statue?

Is the viral video of Russia fallen angel real?

The viral video of the Russian fallen angel had the miners say that they stumbled on the statue while later they took it out with an excavator. Adding more on the same the miners said the statue was emitting some energy as well. However, the press secretary of Elga Coal Complex said the statue wasn’t a Russian fallen angel.

The video of the Russian fallen angel in fact was something fake. As the press secretary went on to say that the miners going viral for the Russian fallen angel statue were from the Elga Coal mine in the Sakha Republic. The statue was reported to be something lying at the Shift camp with it belonging to no one. The miners had created a story of their own to go viral on the internet about the statue.

Netizens react to the viral Russian fallen angel video on TikTok

While the TikTok video of the miners with the rumored Russian fallen angel went viral on the internet. It later turned out to be fake. However, ever since the video of the statue surfaced on the internet. Netizens have been reacting on the same speculating about the story behind the viral statue.

One even reacted by saying “it looks like it is going to come to life at any moment”.Not to miss, it wasn’t the first time when such story about a Russian fallen angel came up going viral on the internet. As back in 2011 something similar was claimed to have surfaced on the internet. But the reality behind such things is mostly unknown.

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