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Fall in love with anime all over again

A little over ten years have passed since then sword art onlineThe anime debuted, and the anniversary segment brought the franchise back to theaters with a story that takes the form of Aincrad’s original arc. Anime has changed dramatically since its inception. Kirito and Asuna have gained godlike powers with the latest seasons of the TV anime, and the stakes have risen to massive new levels. As such, go back to the beginning with conditioning Sword Art Online Progressive It’s also a great reminder of why the franchise was such a success in the first place.

Sword Art Online Movie – Progressive – Scherzo of Deep Night After the events of the previous film, starless night song, which in turn adapts the official spin-off prequel from series creator Riki Kawahara. With this kind of setup, it’s also a showcase for why this entry in particular does better with experienced fans. Still, it’s a great ride for fans who have fond memories of how the anime began.

Scherzo from Deep Knight Located a few floors from the events Starless night song, so unfortunately, it does have some immediate snags for those who might jump into it all for the first time. She adjusts to arc sizes after the first film’s first arc, and that’s immediately apparent. There are new characters that were kind of accepted as extras between the events of the two films. This meant that new characters like Argo (who was technically a side character in the main series), who ended up playing a major role, had no prequels.

It’s a very movie-oriented approach as it really rewards those who watched the first movie as well. However, there was still a sense of disconnect between the two. Where this film succeeds is the viewers who actually experienced it sword art onlineSeason 1 should be able to fill in the gaps here themselves. While it negates much of the setting needed for a standalone film, it works very well as a second entry in the original series.

The film’s best moments also come with a high production value, which has been a staple of the franchise for a long time. Without getting too much of a spoiler for the boss battle in the middle of the movie, it’s dynamically presented with a kind of fun twist sword art online She was advancing in her battles. It’s still all life or death which is refreshing in the end because it hasn’t been the case for anime in a long time. Kirito and Asuna push themselves as they fight for their lives and each other which leads to great action sequences in the scenes themselves.

But even with all of this excitement, the movie’s most important reminder of the anime’s past is just how good it was Scherzo from Deep Knight It depicts the central relationship between Kirito and Asuna. It is at this point in Aincrad that the two have formed a very trusting bond, and the sparks of a romance that we see in full later begin. The movie is much stronger as a result of exploring more of this side of the main duo, but don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s still being told a lot from Asuna’s perspective this time around.

Kirito is also more involved in the events of this movie than in the first movie but it never overwhelms Asuna. Still at the heart of the conflict is Asuna’s friendship with Mito (who was introduced during Starless night song), and while temporarily distracting from the status quo and new characters, Scherzo from Deep Knight Makes sure to bring it back in full. But by the time the credits roll, the movie is still a small part in the middle of a much larger franchise.

Scherzo from Deep Knight It has a strong enough narrative in its own right and is helped by the previous entries, but you can’t help but feel something is missing when it all comes to an end. There is a setup to a larger story, but as fans know all too well by now, the conflict is resolved in the main anime. Sadly, that means there’s a less satisfying ending than the creators likely hoped. But even with all of that said, the movie is still something for fans to check out as a fun trip down memory lane.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Sword Art Online Movie – Progressive – Scherzo of Deep Night Releases across the US on February 3.



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