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Fans Are Not About To Ignore Harley Quinn's Absence From James Gunn's DC Slate

Not surprisingly, fans began posting about Harely Quinn’s absence from the DCU slate mere minutes after James Gunn announced the lineup via Twitter. Now, it should be noted Gunn specifically points out in his video that the projects listed are not the end of the road, meaning other DC works will likely be popping up in the future. It’s safe to say this announcement is hardly a death-knell for Margot Robbie’s version of Harley. Even still, Tweets have been coming fast and furiously regarding to the character’s future, with user @NellieLaRou_ demanding an update via an all-caps post stating, “SAY SOMETHING ABOUT MARGOT ROBBIE AND HARLEY QUINN @JAMESGUNN.”

That call was far from the only one begging Gunn for news about Harley. User @robbiescavill asked simply, “hey what about harley quinn?” while @martycipher was clearly a bit more worried at her absence, asking, “WHAT ABOUT MARGOT AND HARLEY PLEASEEEEEEEE.” Elsewhere, @Gabriellluizz1 seemed to understand the absence may only be temporary, posting a picture of Robbie with the caption, “to be continued?” For their part, @BranyanTowe was refreshingly civil in a response to the lack of Harley news, commenting, “The DC slate sounds terrific, @JamesGunn! I hope the ‘Waller’ series also leaves the door open for Margot Robbie to return as Harley Quinn! I trust your plan, sir, but Margot’s portrayal of Harley is the definitive version of the character and I’d hate to see her leave!”



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