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Fans defend Saweetie after Sonny Digital trolls her low album sales

There have been rumours swirling around the internet that Saweetie’s new EP ‘The Single Life’ is doing extremely poorly in its first week of the sale. Unverified numbers total 2,000. Saweetie, who has over 13 million followers, is a worldwide sensation, but still has a dangerously low projected number, and has been trolled by hit record producer Sonny Digital. His statement upset the fans, who defended the rapper. On 18th November, the 29-year-old rapper released ‘The Single Life’ via Warner Records, which consisted of six tracks and no feature.

Saweetie’s highly-anticipated debut album, titled ‘Pretty Bitch Music’, follows the release of this album. Sonny Digital producing hit tracks like ‘ILOVEMAKONNEN’ featuring Drake says Saweetie’s latest release is not achieving great sales numbers. Sonny Digital tweeted stated, 13 million followers, and hundreds of thousands of likes on all pictures, but the album only sold 2000 copies. According to Sonny Digital, the math doesn’t add up. He also wrote I would probably delete all my social media if I had millions of followers and my album sold 2000 because you’re lying to me.

Sonny Digital Mocks Rapper Saweetie Over A Rumoured Low First Week Of The Sale Of Her New EP ‘The Single Life’

After seeing the number circulating on social media this weekend, Sonny Digital has some questions about the artist’s new project. Rumours have surfaced regarding Saweetie’s alleged low first-week sales of her latest EP, The Single Life. On Friday, Sonny Digital did not mention any artist by name when he jumped on his Twitter account and reacted to a rumour of a 2,000 first-week sales projection for someone, seemingly Saweetie’s The Single Life EP. The sales totals have not been confirmed, but it seems Digital may have been responding to DJ Vlad’s tweet a day earlier suggesting the “Icy Grl” rapper’s sales would have been higher had she come onto his platform prior to her EP release.

Saweetie’s first week sales of 2000 copies would have easily been doubled if she had done a VladTV interview. Upon reaching out through one of our people, we were told she would not be doing Vlad. Her loss, Vlad tweeted on Thanksgiving Day. But Sonny Digital couldn’t figure out how Saweetie’s social media followers don’t translate into millions in sales for him. The album sold less than 2000 copies despite having 13 million followers and hundreds of thousands of likes. That’s crazy. The math doesn’t add up,” he tweeted. “I probably would have deleted all of my social media if I had millions of followers and my album sold 2k,” he added. He also responded to critics who suggested he was hating Saweetie.

Fans Defend Saweetie After Getting Trolled By Sonny

Fans of Saweetie defended her right away. In one tweet, a user wrote, “They drag Saweetie for her sales, but get mad when people point out that none of Glorilla’s songs charted, Cardi B hasn’t charted solo songs, Normani hasn’t charted in over two years, and Meg hasn’t charted in months yet they get more support than she does! In another comment, one user said, “Nobody in the industry says anything with their chest when male rappers sell 30k or less despite their likes and followers. In addition, they are in charge of the rap industry. It ain’t adding up for any of these artists. One user commented, Well, that’s a lot of artists. Followers are not fans. Simply following someone does not mean they care about your work. Who is not aware of this by now? Another user wrote I don’t understand why every grown man in the industry feels the need to comment on Saweetie’s album sales? Everyone cares enough about her to speak about her, so she must be worth talking about.



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