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Fauci branded a ‘fraud’ and a ‘liar’ after being confronted with damning mask study

Social media erupted after Dr. Anthony Fauci confronted a CNN host with a study exhibiting face masks had made little to no distinction throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Conservative critics pounced on the previous White House chief medical adviser after he acknowledged the masking study throughout Saturday’s phase – whereas persevering with to insist that, on a person degree , different analysis exhibits that face coverings are efficient in curbing the unfold of the virus.

“When you’re talking about the effect on the outbreak or the pandemic as a whole, the data is less robust,” Fauci admitted to CNN’s Michael Smerconish.

“But there are other studies, Michael, that show that on an individual level, for individuals, they might be protective,” he mentioned.

Fauci additionally identified throughout the interview that proper now “we’re not talking about forcing anybody to do anything.”

“Fauci admits that masks do not work for the general public, but nevertheless absurdly claims that masks work on an individual basis. No more subterfuge,” Sen. Ran Paul (R-Ky.), a political enemy of Fauci, wrote on X, previously Twitter.

“This is incredible. According to Fauci, masks work on an individual level but not on a pandemic level. It makes sense,” Konstantin Kisin, co-host of the TRIGGERnometry podcast.

“Holy shit @cnn simply immediately confronted Dr Fauci on air with bulletproof scientific proof that masks do not work in any respect. It solely took three years, however lastly! Outkick host Clay Travis wrote.

“Fauci was faced with the most definitive data analysis possible that masks make no difference against Covid. Not a little, not slightly… Zero. And he just mumbles some bullshit about digital illiteracy – about “personal protection”. He’s a cheat and a liar,” mentioned Tory commentator Buck Sexton.

“It’s really hard to assume that Fauci’s disastrous ‘mistakes’ were in good faith when he refuses to acknowledge obvious facts that don’t require a PhD to decipher. It’s a lot more like “TRUST SCIENCE!” ‘solely applies the place it fits Fauci’s private or political narrative,’ mentioned Cliff Sims, a former prime official within the White House and the US intelligence group.

“Wow Fauci is SMOKE on the masks and he has no comeback,” wrote conservative host Liz Wheeler.

Fauci, 82, resigned as chief medical adviser to the president and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases final yr.

At the beginning of the pandemic, he prompt that masks did not present the type of safety “people think” and pointed to the extreme scarcity of masks that healthcare suppliers are affected by.

As mask manufacturing ramps up and provide points ease, Fauci has reversed course and endorsed masking to curb the unfold.

That fueled outcry, significantly from conservatives angered by the mask mandates that adopted.

“I don’t regret anything I said then because in the context of the time I said it, it was correct. At our task force meetings, we were told that we had a serious problem with the lack of PPE and masks for healthcare providers who put themselves at risk every day to care for sick people,” Fauci told CBS News of his reversal on masking at the time.

There has been a sharp rise in COVID-19 instances nationwide in latest weeks, elevating considerations concerning the return of strict pandemic suppression measures.