Fax defends Moraes’s actions during investigation, speaks of ‘terrorist acts’ against STF

Photo by Nelson Jr. / SCO / STF

STF President Louis Fuchs Today he defended the work of Minister Alexandre de Moraes պահ Protection of false news inquiries. He quoted! “News” On the preparatory actions for terrorism against the Supreme Court.

As we reported, Jair Bolsonaro filed STF lawsuit against Moraes on Monday for abuse of power. In response, Fuchs said that the investigation into the activities of digital militias, led by Moraes, is in “big hands.”

“Judgment of politics is nothing but politicians who provoke the trial of politics – criminalization is nothing but calling on the Supreme to determine the crimes committed by politicians.”said Fox.

“From 2019, Minister Diaz Toffoli, in order to counter the real attacks on misinformation և STF, has started an investigation. [das fake news]which is in good hands [Alexandre de Moraes], which was possible. There is information about preparatory terrorist attacks against the Supreme Court. “Force the Supreme to renounce its greatest attribute, which is independence.”he said.



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