FaZe NICKMERCS Responds to Call of Duty Skin Removal Over Controversial Comments on Pride Month

FaZe NICKMERCS has broken the silence over his CoD operator skin bundle removal after he had commented on Pride month. Well, as the Pride month has begun, there’s has been so many controversies arising out of it now. Recently, NICKMERCS has said something about Pride month that didn’t go well with many. Resulting in his CoD operator skin getting removed.

Read ahead to know more about FaZe NICKMERCS reacts to his CoD operator skin getting removed after a comment about Pride month.

What did FaZe NICKMERCS say about Pride month?

With Pride month going on and controversies related to it being on the rise. We had one of the comments of FaZe NICKMERCS going viral all over social media. In response to a tweet of Chris Puckett, an esports commentator about anti-LGBTQ protestors, NICKMERCS had made a tweet that hasn’t gone well.

In the tweet, NICKMERCS said, “They should leave little children alone. That’s the real issue”. But it seems like Activision, the publisher of the Call Of Duty game has taken strict action against FaZe NICKMERCS. But what did Activision do to NICKMERCS?

Activision removed the CoD operator skin bundle of FaZe NICKMERCS

FaZe NICKMERCS is popular as YouTuber, and Twitch streamer and co-owns FaZe Clan. NICKMERCS has been having an operator skin bundle in his name in Call Of Duty. However, post the tweet of him on Pride month recently Activision has removed his operator skin bundle.

One cannot find the CoD operator skin bundle on Warzone and MW2 stores. Post the action of Activision though, many of the fans of NICKMERCS has been criticizing it. Some of the supporters of NICKMERCS has even uninstalled the Call Of Duty.

FaZe NICKMERCS breaks the silence on Activision removing his operator skin bundle

Finally after Activision’s action on FaZe NICKMERCS operator skin removal from CoD. NICKMERCS has himself come ahead to react on the same. He took to Twitter to say about it recently. He has been grateful for the support he got from all.

He tweeted “Friends are created in good times, but families are built through adversity. Appreciate all of you that have my back, understand my position as a new father, and recognize the love I have for all. Ain’t no hate in this heart”. Although, it isn’t known if NICKMERCS wants his operator skin bundle back or not.

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