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FBI Claims Driver That Killed Michigan State Student Fled To Thailand

Authorities think a Michigan lady traveled to Thailand to escape the repercussions of a hit-and-run that killed a college student from suburban Detroit on New Year’s Day. 57-year-old Tubtim “Sue” Howson was charged on Monday with a federal offense in connection with her impromptu one-way trip to Bangkok on January 3.

On January 1, Benjamin Kable, 22, was hit while walking on a road in Oakland County before daybreak. The student from Michigan State University, who was visiting his family for the holidays, passed away there. On February 2, a state complaint for failing to stop at a serious accident was submitted.

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FBI agent Matthew Schuff stated in a court document that Howson, a Thai-American citizen, “supposedly informed a close friend after the crash that she feared she killed someone and she was going back to Thailand.”

Howson allegedly resisted being persuaded to give herself in to police, saying “no cops, no cops,” according to Schuff. Thailand and the United States have an extradition agreement.

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard stated, “I call on the Thai government to extradite her so we can hold her accountable for her activities surrounding this young man’s untimely death.

According to the victim’s father, Michael Kable, she hopes that Howson would “do the right thing” and come back to the United States.


Accidents do occur, but individuals must accept responsibility for their actions, he said. “Our family’s situation has gotten significantly worse as a result, therefore I wish she would make the right decision and return. To lose a child is extremely sad in and of itself, but to lose a child like this and then learn that someone else didn’t have the compassion to call an ambulance or provide assistance is dreadful and really makes you question human nature. How someone could be that way baffles me.”

The family has been struggling to deal with the death, according to Michael Kable, who spoke to the Detroit News.

Kable remarked, “I mean, it keeps the wound open. “Losing a kid or sibling is something you never really recover from, in my opinion. I believe that with time and experience, you become somewhat more adept at coping, but with this added on top, it becomes even more challenging. There is undoubtedly some rage present.”

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