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Fewer Ukrainians Are Receiving Protection from EU Countries, Data Show

The number of Ukrainians receiving temporary protections has dropped in 20 out of 26 European countries throughout November, with Poland marking the highest decrease.

According to Eurostat, the European Office for Statistics, Poland granted temporary protection to 14,510 fewer Ukrainians compared to the previous month, followed by Bulgaria and Ireland, which experienced decreases of 4,420 and 2,005, respectively. In addition, the number of Ukrainians receiving temporary protection in Germany dropped by 1,210, reports.

On the other hand, the highest increases were recorded in France and Romania, with 5,505 and 2,320 more Ukrainians with temporary protection, respectively.

Furthermore, Poland has granted the highest number of temporary protection statuses to Ukrainians, a total of 40,370, followed by Germany (36,385), Romania (10,745) and France (8,835). A similar trend is noticed in the total number of Ukrainians that were granted temporary protection; Poland granted the most statuses – a total of 030,865, followed by Germany (901,930), Spain (153,760) and Bulgaria (144,315).

“Compared with October, this month saw a decrease in Ukrainian beneficiaries of temporary protection in Poland due to the deregistration of their temporary protection statuses. A similar decrease was already registered in October compared with September,” Eurostat explains.

In March, which is the following month that the Russian invasion of Ukraine occurred, Poland granted temporary protection to 675,085 Ukrainians, representing the highest record of Ukrainians sheltered by an EU country so far.

In terms of the population of each Member State, the highest ratios of Ukrainian citizens were recorded in Estonia with 1.4 granted temporary protection statuses granted per thousand inhabitants, followed by Poland (1.1).

As per unaccompanied minors, Germany granted the highest number of statuses for Ukrainian children – a total of 10,495, which accounts for 29 per cent of Ukrainians granted protection in the country throughout November. Other countries to follow on the matter are Poland with 9,105 minors, representing 23 per cent of all Ukrainians with temporary protection; Romania (3,450, 32 per cent) and Italy (2,210, 29 per cent).

In almost all countries, children younger than 14 years old, representing between 69 to 100 per cent of all children granted protection in the zone.

Data further shows that the majority of Ukrainians granted temporary protection were women, mainly reported in Poland – 25,895, which represents 64 per cent of all Ukrainians in this category for November. In addition, 57 per cent of Ukrainians with temporary protection in Germany were women (20,855), followed by Romania (6,030, 56 per cent), France (6,015, 68 per cent), and Italy (5,270, 69 per cent).

Furthermore, 15,475 or 43 per cent of Ukrainians with temporary protection in Germany were men, followed by Poland (14,480), Romania (4,720), France (2,820) and Spain (2,350).



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