Fight breaks out during introduction as bride’s uncle brings fresh marriage list (video)

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A customary marriage introduction rite turned violent when the bride’s uncle made a last-minute request, resulting in a chaotic brawl.

The incident, which was captured on video and shared on social media, depicts the rising tensions and physical altercation that erupted during what was supposed to be a happy occasion.

According to reports, the groom’s family diligently fulfilled all customary requirements, such as paying the bride price and transporting necessary items to the bride’s family home, in preparation for the wedding rituals.

The atmosphere seemed promising until the bride’s uncle unexpectedly introduced a second list of demands that had to be met before granting his daughter’s hand in marriage.

he sudden arrival of this additional list proved to be the breaking point, triggering a heated confrontation between the two families.

As the fight unfolded, some guests gasped in shock while others attempted to intervene and restore calm to the situation.

Laughter, likely a response to the absurdity of the situation, could also be heard amidst the chaos.

The video, which has since gone viral on social media platforms, has drawn widespread attention and raised questions about the importance of open communication, understanding, and compromise within family customs and traditions.

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