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First Activision Blizzard, now Electronic Arts? As I said, content also counts in video games!

Activision Blizzard (WKN: A0Q4K4) and Electronic Arts (WKN: 878372) are definitely peers. Both video game companies are interesting as such because they combine a lot of content. Content, on the other hand, is a popular commodity in today’s business world. We know that from different perspectives.

However, that’s not the only thing the two gaming groups have in common. Apparently there is new movement in the rumor mill. It is about a possible takeover of the second video game company. Let’s dig a little deeper into that.

After Activision Blizzard: Also Electronic Arts before takeover?

It is well known that Activision Blizzard is to be sold. Microsoft wants to take over the group and strengthen its gaming division accordingly. Whether the deal goes through is currently being clarified. But let’s get to the new rumor.

Accordingly, Electronic Arts should possibly also have a takeover interest. Amazon could, according to the rumor mill at the end of the week, have an interest. Therefore, at the end of last week, the share price was already up significantly and in a weaker overall market. First of all, it’s just a rumor, nothing more.

How plausible that is is another question. Nevertheless, we can say that Microsoft’s interest in Activision Blizzard could lead to a consolidation in this market. It would not be surprising if other tech companies now want to position themselves accordingly. But, as I said: At the moment it’s just rumours.

War on content continues

Still, this is another indicator to me that a war on content may be underway. Or that this content war is now expanding to the gaming scene. Adaptations would also be given. In any case, when it comes to gaming streaming, it is more important that you combine first-class content.

In any case, Electronic Arts seems to be a second group after Activision Blizzard, which is now at least in the limelight of a possible takeover. Or where it says: ring free for speculation and interested parties. For me, the actually relevant question would be which corporations can position themselves ideally in this war on content in the medium to long term. Or which companies and global corporations have put themselves in an interesting position in order to be able to participate in this equally lucrative, large market. After all, these two names are not the only representatives of their kind.

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