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Five things to never buy in Nigerian traffic

Traffic  jams provide a suitable atmosphere for scams and fraudsters looking to take advantage of the frustration of stuck road users, particularly in Nigeria, where traffic jams are a norm in most commercial cities.

During the waiting time, different interactions are likely to go on. From buying water to buying snacks or fruits or condiments to make a complete meal, if you live in Lagos, Nigeria,

Because of the fast pace and the uncertainty about when the long traffic lines will clear out for a car to continue on its journey, anyone buying in traffic is more likely to be defrauded. Often, you will buy a fake item at an unreasonable price if extra caution is not taken.

Buying drinks, branded processed foods, and snacks are still permissible with caution. Aside from these things, here are five things to never buy in traffic.

  1. Smartphones

If people who buy phones in a shop outlet can be scammed, how much more is someone in traffic? It is prevalent to see roadside vendors displaying phones for sale, even at a lower price. Most people buy an iPhone with an Android interface because they got it at a lower price. Some people also get fufu-packed phones or phones with generational problems while being attracted by the ridiculous prices.

Avoid buying phones in traffic, no matter how cheap they might be, to prevent your story from ending in tears. Visit recognized and reputable stores instead.

  1. Electronic gadgets 

Most roadside vendors sell electronic gadgets like laptops, DVD players, home appliances, and other appliances that must be tested after a while. Not being able to test the product should be a red flag for you, regardless of how cheap the products might be. Also, remember that the roadside vendor does not have an identifiable address. So, you can only return an item if you feel satisfied with what you bought.

  1. Wristwatches and Jewelries

These are one of the things that canJewelryctive and tempting, especially in traffic. You might be attracted by the outward appearance and consider it good quality, sold at a lesser price. You might be wasting your cool cash on a fake product. It would be best if you visited certified shops to get better-quality jewellery.

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  1. Phone Accessories(Chargers, power banks, earphones)

Buying chargers, power banks, or cords in traffic is an excellent idea if you urgently need them. Purchasing such things in traffic is a significant risk, and when buying them, you must make sure you have it in mind that you might be purchasing a product with low quality. The disadvantage of buying these things in traffic is that there is no warranty or assurance of authenticity.

  1. Underwear

Underwear is something you should never consider buying in a traffic jam. It would be best to visit the stores that sell it and then buy it by the roadside. Some underwear sold by the roadside is usually not hygienic and can contain cancerous properties that can harm your sensitive parts.



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