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Florence Pugh slams trolls over age gap in relationship with Zach Braff

Florence Pugh is once again making headlines for reuniting with her ex-boyfriend Zach Braff at the premiere event for their movie Good Person. Despite that, do you remember the actress’s Instagram video where she shut down those trolls by being totally honest about dating an older person and shutting down her trolls? In the video, she confirmed her relationship with Zach and slammed the trolls for their comments. Florence has a reputation for speaking her mind and never holding back when it comes to telling the truth. Her point of loving someone who could be 20 years older was unwavering, and she didn’t think twice about slamming her fans who trolled her.

In an Instagram video posted in 2020, Florence Pugh discussed the negative backlash she faced for dating Zach Braff. Towards the end of the video, she can be heard saying, If you abuse him, you are abusing me, and I don’t want those followers. Every time I post a picture of him, I do not want to have to protect my comments. This relationship with a lot of you is really important to me, and I hope to continue it for a long time.

Once Actress Florence Pugh Shut Down Trolls Targeting Her Relationship With Filmmaker Zach Braff And Her 20-year Age Gap With Him

As part of the premiere of their movie Good Person, Marvel’s Black Widow star Florence Pugh reunited with her ex-boyfriend Zach Braff. After being brutally trolled for dating someone 20 years older than her, did the actress answer the trolls with a totally honest Instagram video? By sharing the video and slamming the trolls, she confirmed her relationship with Zach. It is no secret that Florence doesn’t hold back when it comes to talking about the truth. When her fans trolled her, she stood by her point of loving someone who was 20 years older and didn’t hesitate to slam them. Back in 2020, Florence Pugh shared a video on Instagram about the negative backlash she received for dating Zach Braff. This excerpt from her video can be quoted as The abuse you throw at him is abuse you throw at me, and I don’t want those followers. It does not make sense for me to have to guard my comments every time I post things about him. It would be great to be able to continue this relationship with many of you in the future.

In addition, she stated, I’ve always found it funny, that I can be good enough for people to watch me perform and to support me financially, and I’m old enough to pay taxes, but not old enough to know whom to have s*x with. Florence Pugh never stopped supporting Zach Braff even after they broke up. Florence Pugh recently revealed to Variety that Zach Braff liked the way I talk, the way I take the mick out of people, and I think he just wrote that into the script and allowed me to fill in where I was needed. However, reading a book that is dedicated to you and written by someone who knows you so well is one of the greatest pleasures in life. According to Pugh, she hasn’t been approached by many men since her breakup. Most of my fans are wonderful, intelligent women, she told the outlet. Men don’t approach me much. Honestly, all of the people who come up to me always want to talk about things with me and are awesome clever young women. No creepy dudes have approached me.



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