Footage Shows Russian Tanks Getting Destroyed in Ukraine

What happens next in Ukraine?

We know that social media can give us vital clues.

We do know one thing: The videos of action during the war will continue for as long as the war does: 

Watch Russian Forces Bombarded In Vuhledar – Dramatic video footage shot from the air shows how Russian forces around the city of Vuhledar in Donetsk Oblast months back continued to struggle to break Ukraine’s lines of defense.

The video shows several Russian tanks and other military vehicles being hit by Ukrainian artillery in the city back at the end of February.

The clip, published on YouTube by the United Kingdom’s Sky News, immediately shows a Russian tank moving towards several stationary tanks being hit by Ukrainian artillery.

The tank instantly becomes engulfed in white smoke but continues to drive.

One soldier can be seen on top of the vehicle, possibly attempting to get onto the ground.

Later in the video, several tanks can be seen driving towards a number of other stationary tanks that were left parked at a junction between several dirt roads.

After one tank apparently drives over a land mine, Russian soldiers can be seen abandoning the tanks – meaning that the soldiers not only lost the functioning tanks seen moving on the roads, but possibly several other recoverable tanks that could eventually be claimed by Ukrainian forces.

Also in the clip, a tank can be seen getting hit by a Ukrainian projectile as it travels at speed on the same dirt roads.

According to Sky News, the tanks and armored fighting vehicles were attempting to approach the city of Vuhledar.

“Drone footage purports to show Russian tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles being blown up by mines or stopped in their tracks by Ukrainian strikes as they try and approach the Donetsk city of Vuhledar,” the video description reads.

Watch More Anti-Tank Mines In Action in Ukraine

Additional video footage shared on social media around the same time months back, uploaded to Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter shows how Russian tanks are still being destroyed on the battlefield by landmines.

A clip shared by the popular Twitter account Special Kherson Cat, which is run by a former resident of Kherson, shoes Russian tanks moving at speed somewhere in Avdiivka.

The video, recorded by Ukraine’s 53rd Mechanized Brigade, shows how badly Russian tanks are being damaged by landmines. 

In the clip, two tanks can be seen engulfed in white smoke after detonating the mines, with large sections of their armor flying into the air the moment the land mines explode. 

“We add fertilizers to Ukrainian chernozem, and we take care of industry, because the burned scrap metal will later go to domestic metallurgists for remelting,” the original Facebook post reads.

“Our soldiers are our heroes!”

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