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Four brothers serve as only sister’s bridesmaids at her bridal shower (Video)

A young lady who is getting married to her fiancé made her brothers serve as her bridesmaids, stirring up reactions on social media.

Reports online reveal that the bride is the the only girl in the family and has five brothers.

Four of the brothers decided to show up for their sister’s bridal shower.

They played the role of their sister’s bridesmaids and this sparked mixed reactions on social media.

The boys were dressed in identical pajamas, and the bride-to-be was wearing a see-through silk dress and a pricey crown.

Although her bridal train included female friends who were also present, she chose to make her four siblings the center of attention.

The grown males all posed for pictures with their sister at the bridal shower and stood guardian-like by her, making sure she looked elegant and beautiful.

Watch the video below:



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