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Four dead after man at risk of eviction starts fire and shoots residents



There are four confirmed dead and two injured after a man about to be evicted started fires and fired at fleeing residents and firefighters.

In Houston, Texas, police received three separate calls around 1:07 a.m. Sunday detailing various crimes at 8020 Dunlap Street in the city, UKTN reports.

Early Sunday morning firefighters arrived in Houston to put out a fire but were fired upon by a local residentCredit: KHOU11
A seven-year-old experienced Houston PD police officer shot and killed the gunman


A seven-year-old experienced Houston PD police officer shot and killed the gunmanCredit: KHOU11

On the first report, a “person was shot”, the second informed the police that shooting had taken place and the third claimed that there was a fire.

Upon arrival at the scene, the Houston Fire Department discovered the fire in the multi-room complex but were then fired upon by the suspect, who was reportedly dressed in all black.

In an official press conference Houston police chief Troy Finner noted that the fire department should immediately withdraw.

“The suspect started firing. I don’t know if he fired in their direction, but they had to take cover,” Finner explained.

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According to the Houston Police investigation, the suspect had recently been evicted from his apartment, which they believe may have prompted his attack.

“That might have been a trigger point for him, I don’t know,” Finner said.

Regardless, it was revealed that the gunman had deliberately set fire to other residents’ apartments and waited for them to come out to shoot them.

“Unfortunately, and very sadly, and very viciously, this suspect set fire to several residents,” Finner noted.

Finner went on to say that he was then “lurking for those residents to come out and shoot them.”

A Houston Police Department officer set fire to the suspect after arriving at the scene, eventually killing him.

That leaves a total of four people dead, with the gunman, two white men in their 60s who were also residents who died at the scene, and a black man in his 40s who was taken to hospital for his injuries but died after arriving. , per Crime Online.

However, Finner is proud of the officer, a 7-year veteran in the department, for taking swift action.

“Our officer came and took action, which is why I am very proud of him. He is a seven-year veteran of the Southern Gessner Division. And again, as usual, he will be placed on administrative leave under the policy,” he told UKTN 13 News.

The suspect’s name has not yet been released, but he is believed to be a black man in his forties.

The suspect’s old neighbor, Troy Lamb, still can’t believe it happened and attributes it to the suspect “who lost his head.”

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“It’s really crazy. It’s a brutal murder. I mean, the man lost his head. I don’t know. We’ll get through it somehow. Little by little. Every individual. Some of the guys who live here, they will have to find another place to live,” Lamb explained to UKTN 13.

This is an ongoing case, according to Finner, the Houston District Attorney’s office and the Houston Police Department who are conducting their own investigation.

The three victims were confirmed dead on arrival at the hospital


The three victims were confirmed dead on arrival at the hospitalCredit: KHOU11



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