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Four things to consider before renting an apartment

The search for a good apartment in this part of the world most of the time doesn’t come easy unless you have excess money to spend. 

From the Israelite journey to the promised land that you will have to take with house agents to their exorbitant agent fees and other demands to the cost of setting up this new apartment to your taste. Truth be told,  it is really a stressful and exhausting experience.   

When you are in search of an apartment, there are certain things you need to consider if you will be making the right decision at the end of the day.  

The location of an apartment, security,  distance to your workplace, social amenities, cost and so much more are factors to consider before renting an apartment.  

Follow this article to the end to find out more about things to consider before renting an apartment.   

1. Location   

The first thing you should consider before renting an apartment is the location.   

The location of an apartment determines, to a great extent, the rental cost. For instance, getting an apartment in the commercial hub of a state will be more expensive than getting an apartment in remote areas in the same state.  Thus,  the location of an apartment ultimately determines your budget.   

In house-hunting, location is a principal factor as it determines how well you will enjoy or dread your stay in your new home.   

Are you currently looking for an apartment? Or do you have plans to do so soon?   

Even as you go ahead with your search,  consider the location of the apartments you come across – Is it in the commercial or remote part of the state? How close is it to a major market( you wouldn’t want to starve)? How far or near is it to your workplace or business?    

2. Your budget   

As we all know, money is the answer to all things. The next thing to consider before renting an apartment is your budget.  

If you have the desired location in mind, take some time to find out the average cost of rent for your choice of apartment and other expenses before starting your search. When you know this, you are able to fix your budget within that range.   

To avoid the problem of having to settle for an apartment that is less than what you want as a result of cost, you need to have a budget in mind.   

To help you come up with a feasible budget, you can approach house agents to make findings on the different costs of renting your choice apartment in different locations in the country.   

Ensure that you stick to your budget regardless of the urge to do otherwise.   

3. The neighbourhood  

A popular Yoruba saying goes thus, “you can get married to a bad wife, but you should not end up with bad in-laws.” You might wonder what this has in common with getting an apartment.   

The truth is if you get a good and peaceful apartment in a lousy and violence-prone location, regardless of how serene your apartment is, you might end up not being able to sleep with your eyes closed. I know you don’t want that, so pay attention to the neighbourhood an apartment is located in.   

You should also ensure that any apartment you are getting is in a secure neighbourhood.  

4. Availability of social amenities  

Before renting an apartment, check out for the available social amenities. You don’t want to get an apartment in an area where there has not been electricity supply for the last six months or an area with a poor drainage system.   

Check out for basic amenities such as constant electricity supply, good roads, clean water, shopping centres, worship centres, schools, hospitals and more.   

Without these amenities, living in a neighbourhood might turn out to be an unplanned nightmare.  

As much as you can, it is important you tick the above boxes satisfactorily before renting an apartment.   

It is best you take your time to consider the above-discussed factors before renting an apartment in order for your new apartment and neighbourhood not to become your worst nightmare.   





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