Fran Sparks Dating Rumors with xQc: Steamy Kiss Photo Causes Internet Frenzy!

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Fans of xQc believe he is dating Fran after the latter posted a kissing pic with xQc on social media before deleting her social media account. While previously xQc has had a tough relationship with Adept. Fans of his now think he has moved on and his new lady love might be Fran. But are they really dating?

Read ahead to know more about fans who think xQc and Fran are dating each other.

All about xQc and his love life

xQc or Felix Lengyel has been a popular Twitch streamer. While he has a good number of followers across his social media. His fans love to know about his love life too. Well, xQc has been in a relationship with Adept. Though initially, they would call themselves each other’s roommates.

Later, the duo did confirm being in a relationship. Yet, they have broken up so many times along the way in their relationship confirming the same for the final time in September 2022. Post the breakup a lot of controversy too happened. Adept claimed to take legal action saying xQc and she was in a “common law marriage”.

Fans of xQc believe he is dating Fran

Ever since the relationship between xQc and Adept ended on a bitter note. The fans of the Twitch star have been thinking if he has moved on and is dating anyone or not. Well, Overwatch Twitch streamer Fran’s social media did give some hints to xQc fans about his love life.

Recently, Fran went on to share a post on her Instagram where she could be seen kissing xQc. That gave fans of xQc a hint that he might be dating Fran. Although, Fran later deleted her Instagram account leaving fans to think why she did so.

Despite the fact that Fran had deleted her Instagram, some of the users certainly took a screenshot of the pic of Fran and xQc.

Is xQc really dating Fran?

xQc’s relationship with Adept hasn’t been a smooth one. Though after his breakup with Adept, he talked about having a new girlfriend. He had never admitted who he has been dating currently. Though fans are now convinced it’s no one but Fran.

Meanwhile, everyone has been thinking as to why after posting her romantic pic with xQc she deleted her Instagram account. She hasn’t responded on the fact that she’s dating xQc or not. Social media has been flooded with comments from fans of xQc about his pic with Fran though.

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