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France has taken in 100,000 Ukrainian refugees



It is a single symbolism. That of the 100,000. More than five months after the start of the war in Ukraine, 100,000 Ukrainian refugees have entered France, the director general of the French Office for Immigration and Integration (Ofii) Didier Leschi said on Thursday.

“Since Wednesday evening, the bar of 100,000” displaced Ukrainians covered by the allowance for asylum seekers (Ada) “has been crossed”, declared Didier Leschi, confirming information published in Le Figaro. For several weeks, “we have been between 200 and 250 new temporary protection issues per day on average”, a “very low” level, he added.

80% women and children

Asked about the possibility of an increase in arrivals after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s calls to evacuate the Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine, Prefect Leschi replied: “We don’t know.” “Are they going to stay in Ukraine by moving to relatives in the west of the country, going to the countries bordering Ukraine, or even staying there because they are pro-Russian? he wondered.

Didier Leschi recalled that 80% of Ukrainian refugees in France are women and children, who maintain ties with husbands, fathers and sons who remained in Ukraine to fight, and who want to return to Ukraine.

Some 5,000 returns to the country

“The returns started when the Russian army left the kyiv region,” he said. According to Ofii estimates, some 5,000 of these refugees have thus left France.

These estimates are made from payment cards for everyday purchases distributed to Ukrainian refugees and which can only be used on French territory. When these cards are inactive for several weeks, it is deduced that the people have left the territory.



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