France: Muslim migrant threatens Le Pen and Zemmour, ‘Cut off their heads as in the time of the prophet’

Remember this the next time you hear an Islamic spokesman dismiss the violent passages in the Qur’an by saying they apply only to the time of Muhammad.

“[Video] ‘Cut off their heads as in the time of the prophet’: Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour threatened with beheading on the Internet,” translated from “[Vidéo] “Leur couper la tête comme à l’époque du prophète” : Marine Le Pen et Eric Zemmour menacés de décapitation sur Internet,” Valeurs Actuelles, October 15, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

He directed his video to another internet user he calls “my brother.” This individual filmed himself, facing the camera, on the TikTok network. The video was relayed by our colleagues at CNews, this Friday, October 15. In this streak of less than a minute, the speaker did not hesitate to threaten Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour with beheadings. At the start of the video, the user first describes himself as a “Moroccan.” No doubt responding to the words of the “brother” to whom he is speaking, the man spoke about what he thinks to be the colonial past between the Maghreb countries and France. According to him, “the French came to (them) for 132 years. They raped women, they killed brothers and sisters.” According to the individual, the French “have spilled blood and today they come to tell you how you should live and how you should act.”

“Allah will bring us together”

It was then that he spoke of Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour in more disturbing terms. After first assuring that the candidate of the National Rally (RN) “would not win” the presidential election of 2022, “nor (Eric) Zemmour” – who has still not officially pronounced on his candidacy in the race for the Elysee Palace – his speech took a very different turn. “We are all going to meet insh’allah, Allah the creator, Allah the super, Allah the greatest will bring us together, and we will cut off their heads as in the time of the prophet,” he clearly indicated in his video, obviously speaking of Eric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen. “There are heads that will fall, it will be unpleasant for them,” he finally warned. The two personalities from the right to the right have so far not reacted to these death threats.

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