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France: Muslim migrant who stabbed youth hostel official while screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ gets just 30 months prison

Why the light sentence? Likely because the French are terrified of their Muslim population and don’t want to anger Muslims with a sentence that might appear “Islamophobic.”

Meanwhile, this “gaunt young man” is alleged to have made “incoherent statements,” including “Allahu akbar,” which is not incoherent in the least. He is also said to have spoken to his mother, even though she is dead. Yet that isn’t evidence of insanity; Muhammad himself is said to have spoken to the dead. According to Islamic tradition, after he cursed a number of his enemies, they were killed in battle against the Muslims. The bodies of all those named in his curse were thrown into a pit. An eyewitness recalled: “Later on I saw all of them killed during the battle of Badr and their bodies were thrown into a well except the body of Umaiya or Ubai, because he was a fat man, and when he was pulled, the parts of his body got separated before he was thrown into the well.” (Bukhari 4.58.3185) Then Muhammad taunted them as “people of the pit” and posed a theological question: “Have you found what God promised you is true? I have found that what my Lord promised me is true.” When asked why he was speaking to dead bodies, he replied: “You cannot hear what I say better than they, but they cannot answer me.” (Ibn Ishaq, 306)

“The Bangladeshi man who stabbed a hostel official sentenced but his act remains unexplained,” translated from “Le Bangladais qui a poignardé un responsable du foyer condamné mais son geste reste inexpliqué,” La Voix du Nord, February 8, 2023 (thanks to Medforth):

On December 9, a Bangladeshi man staying at the youth hostel (formerly FJT) in Bruay-La-Buissière attacked a caretaker with a knife. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison, but did not say anything to explain what he had done.

It was a gaunt young man who sat in the dock, he had been in pre-trial detention for a month and a half. A 19-year-old man from Bangladesh, he seemed distracted during his trial and did not answer the judges, his lawyer or the interpreter. Yet the offenses he is accused of are serious: stabbings, after which the question of intent to kill (and thus a verdict in the jury court) arose…

It was the morning of December 9. The resident, who was staying at the residence for young people in Bruay (formerly FJT) in the Rue d’Argentine, asked to speak to someone in charge, but the accused very quickly pulled out a 25-30 cm ceramic knife that he had hidden in his jumper and lunged at him. He stabbed him in the face and then in the upper part of the body. Dubout, the victim’s lawyer, explains: “Vital organs are at stake. My client saw himself die when he aimed for the heart!”

(…) The Bangladeshi man, who was arrested near the dormitory, allegedly made incoherent statements: “Allah akbar” and “I love mum,” and even spoke to her, even though she was dead….



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