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‘Frasier’ Reboot Will Revisit the Radio Psychiatrist’s Old Stomping Ground

Frasier fans will finally get a chance to reconnect with their favorite radio psychiatrist. The Frasier reboot that has long been discussed is finally in production, and a vision of what is to come is finally materializing. It has been a long wait, and with the long delay came much debate about the series. The biggest talking point was where Dr. Frasier Crane would end up, and now we know he’ll be heading back to Boston. 

Dr. Frasier Crane will be returning to Boston

While the concept for the Frasier reboot marinated for years, there was a lot of discussion about where the good doctor would end up living. Some fans wanted to see him back in Seattle, while others were hoping he would find love in Chicago, where he landed in the final moments of the long-running show. Other fans were hoping Dr. Crane would end up somewhere brand new. 



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