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Freeridge Season 1: Plot, Review, Cast, Production, Where To Watch and More

As Freeridge episode 7 starts, Gloria follows Mariluna outside and asks for a taxi. Tonio calls her while she waits for Mariluna to start the car

He claims that the woman in the advertisement is renting a room at his home, only realising later that his name is Gloria. He claims Mariluna just needed the room for scholastic purposes, which is why he allowed her to rent it.

Gloria then follows Mariluna to a spacious home in a prosperous neighbourhood. Gloria is confronted by Mariluna, who is brandishing a sword, as she approaches the front door. They exchange inquiries, but Mariluna eventually invites her in.

Cam finds it annoying that Andre dated Benji so soon after breaking up with her. Because of what they did to him, Demi claims it is a karma coincidence. Cam believes that Andre and Benji must have been dating earlier and he wants to expose Andre’s duplicity.

Ines admits to Demi that she acted improperly. She displays the bullet notebook that she took from Gloria. Cinnamon’s vision is depicted in the notebook in a detailed interpretation.

As long as no one records it by taking a picture or something like, according to Demi, drawing it wouldn’t be harmful — just as Ines takes a picture of the page from her phone. Demi claims that the prediction will come true right away, so they must track down Cinnamon and enlist her assistance.

She and Ines discuss several ways to locate Cinnamon at Demi’s place, but it turns out that Cinnamon is already there. Cinnamon is acquainted with Davina, Demi’s sister, and Davina asked Cinnamon over to get her eyebrows done (Cinnamon does this as a side job).


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Freeridge Season 1: Review

Gloria observes a room in Mariluna’s home that is covered in dust and cobwebs and still has the decoration from Mariluna’s husband’s 50th birthday.

She insists on knowing what Mariluna want. She claimed that she hired out a room in her house to look for the box since she was sick of pursuing Gloria and her pals. Gloria requests more details. Mariluna inquires about her ideal colour.

Cinnamon is really astonished that her prophecies are coming true at Demi’s residence. However, she is unable to predict who would pass away and advises them to consult an expert. Cam follows Andre on his phone in the meantime.

She and Gloria are both wearing pink dresses while they are at Mariluna’s place. Marisol and Mariluna are identical twins, and the two of them used to pose as one another before Mariluna realised that Marisol’s friend Isabel was more than just a friend.

Mariluna explains this to Gloria. Then Mariluna fell in love with Henry Fordman, a rich man who forced her to reject her working-class family.

She made an effort to mend fences by asking Marisol to her husband’s 50th birthday party, but she failed to show up, and he was killed in a vehicle accident.

The box was Mariluna’s, which she had left with Marisol when she and her husband travelled. Gloria speculates that the box may be possessed because Mariluna was never able to visit her sister after receiving it. Mariluna thinks it’s a plausible notion, but the sisters loved practical jokes, so the curse was really just a joke.

In a vehicle, Ines, Demi, Cinnamon, and Davina are anticipating the arrival of Joker, Davina’s lover who is receiving a cleansing. Ines and Demi decide to enter after spotting the pedigree mystic’s sign. They are met in the waiting room by the mystic, a lady.

When she holds Ines’ hand, she experiences a shock. She explains to them inside that she works with everything related to death and is a post-mortem bruja.

Additionally, she combined mysticism with ceramics, and she is now skilled in the binding of souls into ceramic dolls. She gestures to a ceramic bowl, claiming that it belongs to her uncle.

Freeridge Season 1: Plot

Then she explains to the girls that the box wasn’t cursed but that by attempting to remove it, they placed a new curse on themselves.

Mariluna departs with Gloria. When Gloria returns with the package, she pledges to acquire board games since she realises how much she enjoys having some company. Gloria also exhorts her to pay a visit to her sister’s family, suggesting that there is still time.

Gloria believes she is in trouble when she sees her father and Lucia outside at home. It turns out that Lucia threatened to sue the school for failing to verify Tonio’s identity in order to get the student back in. The bent arm hang competition is about to begin at the school, so they rush Gloria there.

Demi and Ines discuss the curse and the possibility that Ines’ father may die as predicted while at Demi’s home.

Demi speculates that they might be able to locate Marisol’s hidden RollerWorld funds and use them to pay for Javier’s experimental therapy. On hearing this, Joker, who was dozing off on a couch nearby, opens his eyes.

Andre, who Cam “coincidentally” encounters, is fully aware that Cam is keeping tabs on him. He is challenged by Andre about desiring a new fixation once more.

Cam acknowledges how upset he was by Andre’s comment about not liking him. He merely wants Andre to be his friend. He is advised by Andre to start acting the part.

Gloria jumps into the annual physical challenge while still wearing her pink outfit. She performs the bent arm hang, and as her hold begins to wane, Rusty shows up and instructs her not to arch her back. She surpasses the 30-year record by surviving longer.

Lucia and her father leave to go back home. Gloria tells Rusty that she really believe they would make a great couple, but Rusty cuts her off with a kiss. Rusty informs her that Ines lied and that there isn’t another girl when she inquires about the other girl.

Gloria confronts Ines about her lies as she is celebrating Gloria’s record-breaking victory at home. Ines is unsure of her motivation.

Gloria calls her a selfish baby and accuses her of failing to consider the effects of her behaviour. Ines tries to assure her there isn’t a curse, but Gloria tells her she already knows and that Ines will bring the curse upon her.

Ines packs a bag while feeling angry. She notes in Gloria’s bullet notebook that Ines is the source of the family’s ill fortune.

When she later uses Tonio’s laptop to look for a job, she finds a file with the title “Seeking handsome adolescent lad.” She approaches Tonio and challenges him, inquiring as to whether he hired Rusty to date Gloria. She is warned not to inform Gloria by Tonio.


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Freeridge Season 1: Episodes

  • Gloria being hired to be Rusty’s girlfriend? This is an overused stereotype that turns the programme into melodrama rather than an enjoyable teen comedy-drama.
  • Ines’s behaviour has persisted in being annoyingly infantile. The programme would have been much more engaging if she had been more nuanced and relatable.
  • I’m not too happy that Cam’s story appears to be moving toward a conflict between Andre and Demi. After everything that he and Demi went through to meet, it seems like a waste.
  • Mariluna, on the other hand, is a completely insane character, and I love it. Her crazy energy is distinctive and fun, and her past is also fascinating.
  • It’s good to see the beginnings of what appears to be a fun friendship between her and Gloria. One of the more original elements of the plot that makes me think of the first few episodes is this.
  • Gloria’s bent arm hang was just as gorgeous as anticipated, and it’s wonderful to see her and Rusty work through their differences. Having said that, I am missing the group as a whole more. Now for the conclusion!
  • One of Netflix’s funniest, most imaginative, and kindest shows made its debut in 2018 and featured an underrepresented minority.
  • A group of four friends were tracked as they grew up in Freeridge, a fictional yet violent area of Los Angeles, in the television series On My Block.
  • Together, they discover how to avoid gang violence, locate unexplained concealed money, and have faith in one another.
  • The series introduced some of the best performers and most compelling plots to the teen television show format in just four seasons.
  • It proved to be incredibly original since it blended genre-bending elements like robbery attempts and gun violence with typical cliches of the format like love triangles, camaraderie, and conformity.
  • Netflix has revealed that a spin-off titled Freeridge is in the works, despite the fact that many fans are still in shock over the loss of Monse, Ruby, Jamal, and Cesar. You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve been wondering who we’ll meet in one of Netflix’s most eagerly awaited shows.

Freeridge Season 1: Summary

Freeridge is a coming-of-age comedy from the makers of On My Block that follows feuding siblings Gloria and Ines and their friends Demi and Cameron when they unleash a curse that brings terrible tragedy into their lives.

It looks that the show will forgo some of the previous seasons’ genuine gang-life elements in favour of one with a stronger supernatural bent.

In that regard, the programme will be following in the footsteps of several spooky teen dramas on Netflix, such as Wednesday or The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

It would be a waste if the spin-off simply rehashed the previous series’ problems and situations with a new cast and marginally changed dialogue.

It is obvious that the Freeridge writers are eager to not only remain longer but also develop and broaden their fictitious world in order to appeal to readers across all genres.

Freeridge Season 1: Release Date

On My Block’s seasons have all debuted in March, with the exception of Season 4, which had an October launch. Additionally breaking with convention, Freeridge will debut on February 2, 2023, one month sooner than usual.

Freeridge Season 1: Production

Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, Jeremy Haft, Jamie Uyeshiro, and Jamie Dooner are the authors of Freeridge. On My Block was created by Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft.

Iungerich made her television writing debut with the 10 Things I Hate About You television adaption of the well-known teen rom-com of the same name.

The show focused on Kat and Bianca, two sisters who approached high school politics in very different ways but were connected by the fact that they are both new to the school. They argue, fall in love, and get into mischief as they adjust to their new surroundings.

Iungerich soon after developed her own teen dark comedy, Awkward. The story portrayed an unpopular adolescent girl who, following a string of close calls, has a bizarre accident that everyone mistakenly interprets as a suicide attempt.

Five seasons of the critically acclaimed programme launched Desi Lydic’s career as a correspondent for The Daily Show.

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