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French Embassy in Kuwait: Sponsors Need to Pay Fees for Domestic Workers

Not long after the French Embassy in Kuwait announced that France has decided to impose fees on domestic workers accompanying sponsors, the authorities decided to make clarifications for those who were not sure what the current French law means in this case.

The French Embassy in Kuwait said that domestic workers fall into the same category as those who work in the private sector. Thus, in line with the French Labour Law, it means that the sponsors are responsible for paying the social insurance of domestic workers, reports.

The French authorities explained that when hiring a person in France employers are required to declare the salary of domestic workers for social security and the same noted that contributions need also to be paid based on the working hours, the employment period, and the total net salary paid.

“According to French law, when hiring a person in France, it is necessary to declare the salary for social security and then pay the social contributions due to the French state, noting that the subscription fee depends on the number of working hours for the employee, the total net salary paid to him and the period of employment,” the statement of the French authorities reads.

According to the French authorities, the requirement to follow the above-mentioned rules applies also to all employers in the private sector, regardless of the nationality of employees. The same highlighted that such a rule does not apply only to citizens of Kuwait.

The fees for workers that are included in the state budget apply in many European Union countries, meaning that other countries apply the same rules too.

Currently, in line with French Labour Law, all sponsors are required to sign a form pledging to follow such rules when they apply for a visa for a domestic worker.

After a domestic employer arrives in France and starts working, the French authorities may require them to present proof of payment of social security contributions.

In addition, the authorities also verify the completion of other mandatory requirements to protect all workers from Kuwait or any other country from any problems that may occur once they arrive in France.

As for the number of accompanying persons, the French authorities stressed that there are no restrictions. However, it was highlighted that the employees must travel with their sponsors.

French employers have already complained about the fees imposed by the country on their domestic workers who travel with them to France. The fee is around €300 per month.



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