G Herbo and Taina Williams Split? Relationship Status Uncertain

Apparently, G Herbo and Taina Williams have called it quits. They’ve been together for four years. According to an announcement on Instagram, he appears to have called off his potential marriage with his longtime partner. A shocking announcement was made on G Herbo’s Instagram account on Tuesday (June 6). The Chicago rapper posted two words on his Instagram Story: “I’m Single.” He provided no context or explanation for the apparent split. G Herbo was reportedly in Taina’s comment section when she shared a photo of herself trying on a tight romper.

Perhaps perturbed by the fact that she was not wearing underwear in the video, G Herbo wrote in the caption, You could have had some boy shorts. Fabolous’ stepdaughter Taina Williams has been dating G Herbo since 2019 when she broke off her engagement to Ari Fletcher. Taina and G Herbo’s first kid was born in May 2021. The pair welcomed their second child in May of last year. As part of G Herbo’s self-disclosure last December, he confessed he cheated on Ari Fletcher with Taina Williams at the end of their relationship.

Following Cryptic Instagram Posts G Herbo And Taina Williams, Breakup Rumors Spread Online

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, June 6, the Session singer posted a cryptic story. ‘IM SINGLE’ was written on an all-black background by the 27-year-old. He did not provide a context for the message. Furthermore, the rapper swiftly deleted it later, and it can no longer be found on his page. Fans took screenshots of it within minutes, however. Twitter users started sharing the tweet and soon rumors began spreading across all social media platforms that G Herbo had “broken up” with his girlfriend Taina. While others were confused about whether the couple had split up, some posted mean comments about the couple. There are many groovy songs by the rapper, such as My City, Plenty, We Don’t Care, and PTSD. Fans have also been fascinated by his dating life over the years. Since 2019, G Herbo has been dating social media star, Taina Williams. Yung Miami recently featured him on Caresha Please, in which he gushed about his girlfriend. However, the Chicago rapper’s most recent Instagram post has many admirers wondering about his connection with Taina.

While most fans recognise Taina as G Herbo’s girlfriend, few are aware that the couple is engaged. The couple kept their engagement a secret until the rapper’s court trial in 2020. The shocking revelation was made by G Herbo’s lawyer. The musician has since announced his wish to marry Taina. During a recent Caresha Please appearance, the star said that he expected to pop the big question shortly. As a result, his cryptic Instagram message surprised many because things appeared to be going well. Let’s hope the pair was merely having a squabble, as many couples do. Taina, the stepdaughter of rapper Fabolous, claimed in 2019 that she is dating G Herbo. Taina captioned a photo of the two kissing on New Year’s Day, “Wishing you beautiful moments, treasured memories, and all the blessings a heart can know.” Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The couple currently has two children together. Essex was born in 2021, while Emmy was born in 2022.