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Gabi Butler and La’Darius Marshall’s drama explained

Gabi Butler and La’Darius Marshall’s blackface scandal is taking the internet by storm. Moreover, the latter recently shared a slew of confusing videos on TikTok seemingly addressing Navarro College hazing rituals.

Here is everything you need to know.

More about Navarro’s cheer blackface scandal

The drama reportedly began on 13th December 2022 after Gabi Butler was accused of doing blackface. It is said that the incident happened when she was a rookie teammate in the cheerleading squad.

It is alleged that the senior Navarro College cheer squad members ordered their juniors to dress in all-black clothing before leaving from a Daytona, Florida cheer competition.

In addition, it is reported that juniors were also demanded to paint their faces black supposedly for an initiation ritual that will be held at an off-campus gym.

However, Butler claimed that she participated in the initiation because she did not want seniors to have a bad impression of her. Moreover, she added that people of color also took part in the ritual.

Meanwhile, La’Darius Marshall clapped back at Butler’s statement at that time. He claimed that ‘minorities spoke out against this’ and he told her that ‘it was not a good idea.’

Marshall recently revealed that cheerleaders at Navarro were forced to walk on a rainy sidewalk while wearing white t-shirts on their heads. 

Furthermore, he stated on TikTok that the hazing began in July 2017 and Butler took part in blackface in 2018.

Butler on the other hand took to Instagram to address Marshall’s accusations. She went on to insult him in a live stream and suggested that the former cheerleader did not reveal the complete truth about the incident.

She said on Instagram live, ‘I’m not going to come for you because I’m classier than that.’

Internet users react to La’Darius Marshall and Gabi Butler’s drama

It appears like social media users could not get enough of the drama between La’Darius Marshall and Gabi Butler.

Additionally, many netizens were shocked to learn the two cheerleaders were in a relationship at one point.

A user wrote, ‘I need a season 3 of Navarro cheer with all these plot twists NOW.’

Another user commented, ‘I’m gunna need an exposè series for all the behind the scenes Navarro Cheer drama because this recent tea is PIPING STEAMING BOILING messy as helllllllll.’

Someone else chimed in to say, ‘This Navarro cheer drama has me in a CHOKEHOLD. The receipts don’t stop.’

A different user shared, ‘and when I say navarro cheer got SECRETS !! MY GOD.’


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