Gabon’s coup leader Nguema appoints senate, national assembly members

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Barely a week after ousting Gabon president Ali Bongo, General Brice Nguema has appointed Senate and national assembly members for his regime.

Mr Nguema-led “Committee for the Transition and Restoration of Institutions (CTRI),” on Monday announced members of its regime senate and national assembly on state-owned TV, Gabon 24.

The Senate members include: “President, Paulette Missambo; First vice-president, Luc Oyoubi; Second vice-president, General Jean Ekoua; Third vice-president, Marc Ona Essangui; Fourth vice-president, Reverend Pastor George Bruno Ngoussi.”

According to the appointment, Mr Nguema’s transition national members include President, Jean-François Ndongou; First vice-president, François Ndong Obiang; Second vice-president, Admiral Gabriel Mali Odjoua; Third vice-president, Florentin Moussavou; and Fourth vice-president, Geoffroy Foumboula Libeka Makosso.

This comes after Mr Bongo was released from detention, a week after he was sacked from office.

On August 30, mutineers led by Mr Nguema toppled Mr Bongo’s government, shortly after he was declared winner of the August 26 election, ending the 56-year reign of the Bongos dynasty in Gabon.

Mr Nguema was announced interim president same day and sworn in later, despite criticisms from international communities and calls for civil rule restoration by the opposition party.

Though Nguema has promised Gabonese hope, free and fair election, he said his regime is not in a hurry to restore civilian rule.

Source: GazetteNGR