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Galaxy Book 3 Series: Everything you need to know

Samsung just had its latest Galaxy Unpacked event where it unveiled its newest exciting Galaxy devices. Along with the Galaxy S23 phones, the company took the wraps off of its newest Galaxy Book computers. The Samsung Galaxy Book 3 computers are the latest Windows-powered computers.

The thing is that there are several models, so it can be tough to know which model you should get. Well, don’t worry, here’s a detailed rundown of everything you need to know about these computers.

What models are there?

Samsung announced three different models of its Galaxy Books, and the names can be a bit confusing. For starters, there aren’t any regular variants of the Galaxy Books 3, there’s only a regular variant of the 360 model. We have the Galaxy Book 3 Pro, Galaxy Book 3 360, Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360, and the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra.

What are their screen sizes/dimensions?

The Galaxy Book 3 Pro comes in two sizes: a 14-inch and a 16-inch model. The 14-inch computer’s dimensions are 312.3 x 223.8 x 11.3mm (2.42lbs) and the 16-inch’s dimensions are 355.4 x 250.4 x 12.5mm (3.4lbs).

As for the regular 360 models, there’s a 13.3-inch model and a 15.6-inch model. The 13.3-inch model’s dimensions are 304.2 x 201.9 x 13mm (2.56lb) and the 15.6-inch come in at 355.3 x 228 x 13mm (3.22lb).

The Pro 360’s dimensions are 355.4 x 252.2 x 12.8 mm (3.7lbs), and the Ultra’s are 355.4 x 250.4 x 16.5 mm (3.9lbs).

What are their display specs?

This is an easy one, as most of the computers share the same specs, even the 14-inch model. The only exception is the display for the Galaxy Book 3 360. Both sizes have an AMOLED display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. These computers are touch screens and they’re compatible with Samsung’s S Pen.

All of the other displays are Dynamic 2x AMOLED displays with a 3K resolution (2880 x 1800). That’s good on its own, but they all run at 120Hz. These displays have a peak brightness of 400 units, which means that outdoor work will be problematic.

All displays come in a 16:10 aspect ratio. The displays are also VESA ClearMR and DisplayHDR TRUE BLACK 500 certified. They received SGS Eye Care Display certification for the guaranteed reduction of blue light. Basically, you can

What are the processors/RAM/storage?

Samsung really packed a lot of power into these computers. They all use 13th-gen Intel processors with the Ultra model getting the most powerful one.


Both sizes of the Galaxy Book 3 Pro and the Pro 360 models will come with the Intel Core i7 with the option for a Core i5. As for the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, this model will come with the Intel Core i9 with the option for a Core i7. The processor options could vary depending on your region.


The Ultra model will use either the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Laptop GPU with the option for the GeForce RTX 4050 with the option. As for the Galaxy Book 3 Pro and the Pro 360 models, these will use Intel Iris Xe Graphics. These won’t be as powerful as the Ultra’s GPU, but it’s still plenty powerful.


In terms of RAM, these computers have similar configurations. All three models use LPDDR 5 RAM. The Galaxy Book 3 Pro and the Pro 360 models have the options for 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB of RAM. The Ultra model has the option for 16GB or 32GB of RAM.


It’s much the same story for the storage options. All of these computers use SSD technology. The Galaxy Book 3 Pro and 360 models have options for 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB of storage. The Ultra only has options for 512GB and 1TB of storage. Also, the Ultra model has an expansion slot if you need to add more storage.

What kind of ports are there?

The ports are almost identical across all of the model. There’s only one slight difference. All of these devices come with two Thunderbolt 4 ports, a USB-A port, an HDMI port, a microSD card port, and a headphone/microphone jack.

The only difference is in the HDMI port. The Ultra model comes with an HDMI 2.0 port. The other two computers use the HDMI 1.4 port.

As for the Galaxy Book 3 360, these computers have one Thunderbolt 4 port and USB-C port, as opposed to two Thunderbolt ports. The rest of the ports are the same.

How are the batteries/charging speeds?

Samsung says that it increased the battery capacity for all of its models over the Galaxy Book 2 devices. The battery department is one of the few departments where there’s a significant difference between the 14-inch and 16-inch Galaxy Book Pro 3.

The 14-inch model has a 63Wh battery and the 16-inch model has a 76Wh battery. Both models come with 65W chargers in the box.

The 13.3-inch model comes with a 61Wh battery while the 15.6-inch model has a 68Wh battery. The 360 model has a 76Wh battery, and it also comes with a 65W charger.

The Ultra model has a 76Wh battery as well, but this model comes with a 53% faster 100W charger in the box. The company promises that the Ultra can regain 55% battery on a 30-minute charge.

What are the connectivity options?

The connectivity options are similar across all four models with one exception. All of these models have support for Gig+ Wi-Fi 6E 802.11 ax 2×2. Also, they all use Bluetooth 5.1. There are fast and efficient modes of connectivity.

The only exception comes with thePro 360 model. This computer has the option for Sub6 5G connectivity. That’s an optional addition that cost more than the standard model.

What kinds of speakers do these computers have?

All three of these computers have the same speaker setup. We’re looking at a quad-speaker setup with four AKG-tuned speakers. There are two 5W woofers and two 2W tweeters for each computer. These speakers are also compatible with Smart Amp and Dolby Atmos.

What software comes with these computers?

All four of these computers come with Windows 11 out of the box. While this is true, you can expect come of Samsung’s visual flair to be added.

What colors are available?

There’s an extremely short list of color options for these computers. The Ultra model comes in Graphite. It’s a dark gray color. The other models come in both Graphite and Beige.

Galaxy Book 3 image 2

What are the prices for these computers?

The Galaxy Book 3 Pro starts at $1,249 and the Galaxy Book 3 360 starts at 1,119.99. The Pro 360 model starts at $1,399 and the Ultra starts at $2,199. The price will be higher if you’re looking to get the most powerful specs. You can pre-order these computers now.

When will these computers be available?

You can pre-order these computers today. The Galaxy Book 3 Pro and the 360 models will be available on February 17th. The Ultra will be available on February 23rd.

How do I order these computers?

If you’re looking to place your order, you can visit this page.



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