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Galaxy Digital CEO praises Binance crypto exchange

After the fall of FTX, many analysts said that the next giant to fall would be Binance. But the CZ exchange has instead boomed, capturing 92% of the bitcoin (BTC) spot market. Today, some players in the new industry think Binance is to be congratulated. This is the case of the CEO of Galaxy Digital who made positive statements about the exchange during a recent interview.

Mike Novogratz supports Binance

Not everyone thinks Binance will go under soon, now that rival FTX is out of the game. Indeed, Mike Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Digital, supported the crypto exchange during a recent interview with Raoul Pal. He told the CEO of Real Vision that Binance deserves applause for its actions in the crypto space.

Novogratz explained: “ We have to applaud Binance. It constitutes a giant percentage of liquidity. CZ has always been very focused on customer service. He is therefore a very loyal giant who believes in our ecosystem. We need these guys “.

Mike Novogratz Congratulates Binance

The Galaxy Digital CEO went on to slam social media users for bashing Binance and CZ. He asserted: “ It drives me crazy how many people on Twitter and other media who just want to run people over and wouldn’t be any happier than if CZ stepped on a banana peel and tripped. This is the wrong way of thinking. We need CZ to succeed “.

Novogratz’s outlook for crypto in 2023

During another interview, this time with CNBC on January 10, Mike Novogratz talked about his outlook for crypto. The business leader introduced the subject by addressing the issue of Coinbase layoffs. He then suggested that the decision of the CEOs of some crypto companies to lay off employees is rational.

For him, the outlook for crypto is not optimistic. ” We have time to heal and rebuild the narrative, and so people will cut costs and survive this transition period. “, he added. He pointed out that despite everything, crypto won’t go away.

Even though some investors remain wary of Binance, the largest crypto exchange continues to forge ahead. He recently announced that he would be offering more than 30,000 Web3 scholarships this year.

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