Galaxy Ring's fancy charger revealed as launch draws closer


Samsung‘s long-awaited Galaxy Ring could finally arrive next month. After semi-unveiling the wearable earlier this year, the company is expected to launch it at Unpacked on July 10. While leaks about the ring haven’t been as prevalent as some other devices slated to debut at Unpacked, we aren’t completely in the dark about it. A fresh leak shows its charging case, a fancy squircle box with an attached charger.

The Galaxy Ring’s charger comes in a fancy squircle box

The Galaxy Ring made its first official appearance during the Galaxy S24 launch in January. It was just a teaser with no info to talk about. Samsung revealed more at MWC 2024 in February, even showing off the ring. The company still didn’t share its specs, price, and availability details. It may finally take the wraps off it all at Unpacked next month. However, we don’t need to wait any longer to see what the Galaxy Ring’s charger looks like.

An image posted on X shows Samsung’s first-gen smart ring will come in a fancy charging case. It’s a squircle box that you might mistake for a jewelry box. The Samsung long is printed on the front. On the inside, you’ll find a charging cradle placed centrally. The ring sits around it when charging. The cradle and the ring will seemingly feature a marker that you might have to align perfectly for the wearable to charge.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Charger Charging Case leakSamsung Galaxy Ring Charger Charging Case leak

The overall design is similar to RingConn, one of the few existing players in the smart ring market (Oura is the most popular name). Rumors say the Galaxy Ring will feature the same charging mechanism as Samsung’s wireless earbuds, i.e., pin-based charging rather than wireless charging. An FCC certification previously revealed that the case has a USB Type-C port on the back for power input. It may also support wireless charging though.

Samsung’s smart ring may offer a long battery life

It’s unclear if Samsung will include a battery inside the case. If it does, you may not have to plug it in for months. The Galaxy Ring itself is said to last up to nine days on a single charge (smaller sizes may not last as long). A substantial battery inside the case would keep it charged for months, so you don’t have to bother plugging the case in as frequently as your Galaxy Buds. Stay tuned for Samsung’s official announcement in a few weeks.