Galaxy Watch Ultra price leak reveals Samsung's costliest watch


As Samsung‘s next Unpacked event draws closer, leaks about upcoming Galaxy devices get more frequent. The company is poised to launch a handful of products at the event on July 10. The Galaxy Watch Ultra is one of the biggest attractions thanks to its billing as a “premium” smartwatch. If a leaked price is accurate, this premium watch might be super expensive too—the costliest Samsung has ever made.

A leaked price hints at a super expensive Galaxy Watch Ultra

Samsung made the Galaxy Watch Ultra to take on Apple’s Watch Ultra in the premium segment. The first-ever Ultra branded watch from the Korean firm features a unique, squircle design with a titanium frame. The screen is completely circular but the body is a square with rounded corners. The watch has three buttons on the side, including a new circular button that may rotate like on the Apple Watch.

Leaked renders have shown the Galaxy Watch Ultra in black and gray colors. The circular buttons on both variants have an orange accent, while the other two buttons have the same hue as the rest of the body. Alongside a premium design and build quality (stronger waterproofing), the device is said to feature premium specs. Not just a bigger battery and faster charging, we are also looking at a better display and more.

Unsurprisingly, all of this adds to the device’s price. An exclusive report from 91Mobiles citing insider information from tipster Paras Guglani, aka Passionategeekz, says the Galaxy Watch Ultra comes in a 47mm size and costs between $699 and $710. That’s more expensive than any other smartwatch Samsung has ever made. The 45mm Galaxy Watch 5 Pro cost $449 at launch, while its LTE variant cost $499.

It’s still cheaper than the Apple Watch Ultra 2

Samsung has still managed to undercut the Apple Watch Ultra 2, though. Apple’s newest premium smartwatch costs $799. It remains to be seen if the Galaxy Watch Ultra can deliver that premium watch experience it is touted to bring. If it’s overkill for you, the company also has the Galaxy Watch 7 lined up for launch next month. It reportedly comes in Marbal Gray, ⁠Cream white, and ⁠Forest Green colors and costs between $299 and $310.

This entry price is unchanged from the Galaxy Watch 6 series. If it is still too much, Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Watch FE at just $199. It’s a rebadged Galaxy Watch 4 from 2021 but no slouch. The FE model lacks a temperature sensor and features an older chip, but you get the same software experience as the Galaxy Watch 6. The Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra will run the latest version of Samsung’s watch platform. Older models will get this update later.