Galaxy Z Flip 4 To Launch In 9 Different Color Variants

A well-known tipster just revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will be coming in at least 9 different color variants (not counting all the color combos of the Bespoke edition). This information comes from Ross Young, a well-known display analyst. He’s usually spot on with his information, so this is easily possible.

We’ll get at least 9 different Galaxy Z Flip 4 color variant, not counting Bespoke color combos

Do note that Ross Young doesn’t have Samsung’s fancy names for these colors yet, so you’ll simply see what colors will be used on which model. Also, some models have three different colors on them. You can see the whole list below:

  • Black/green/green
  • Gold
  • Gold/yellow/yellow
  • Gray
  • Light Blue
  • Purple
  • Silver/navy/navy
  • Silver/white/white

Earlier this month, Jon Prosser suggested that the phone is coming in Graphite, Bora Purple, Pink Gold, and Blue colors. That information was not wrong, those are just fancy names that Samsung will use.

Ross Young notes that those are still the main colors that the phone is coming in, there’s no difference there. The remaining 5, however, will also be on offer, one way or the other. Their availability may be market-dependent, though, of course.

Samsung expects the gray variant to be the most popular

The analyst also noted that the production of the gray model is expected to be the highest in the first few months, followed by purple and gold variants. Other colors won’t be manufactured in such high quantities.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is expected to become official in August, alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 4. The company’s Unpacked event is expected to take place on August 10, but that hasn’t been confirmed just yet.

Pre-orders for the device are also expected to begin on August 10, while the Galaxy Z Flip 4 (and Z Fold 4 for that matter) should become available to purchase on August 26. If you’d like to know more about the Galaxy Z Flip 4, check out our preview.



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