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Galaxy Z Fold 5 concept visualizes gap-less design

Samsung‘s fifth-gen foldables are starting to take shape, literally. A couple of days back, we saw a design concept depicting the Galaxy Z Flip 5. The same source has now shown us what the Galaxy Z Fold 5 could look like.

As expected, this concept Galaxy Z Fold 5 design features a Galaxy S23-like rear camera layout. We have three cameras aligned vertically and all protruding out of the back panel individually. There’s no camera bump here. This has been Samsung’s design philosophy across its smartphone lineup in 2023, including budget models. The company is seemingly trying to create a brand identity for Galaxy smartphones here, irrespective of a device’s price bracket.

Rumors have long suggested that Samsung will introduce a new type of hinge with its 2023 foldables. The so-called waterdrop hinge allows the devices to fold flat with no gap. Effectively, it reduces the thickness of the foldable and also makes the display crease less visible. This has been one of the biggest requests from Samsung fans and foldable enthusiasts, and the company has responded. This design concept visualizes this much-anticipated change for everyone to see.

The rest of the stuff is fairly standard. We have a tall cover display, which is said to measure 6.2 inches diagonally, the same as last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 4. The 23.1:9 aspect ratio will likely remain unchanged as well. On the inside, we have an almost square folding display that should retain its 7.6-inch diagonal measurement. That’s based on early rumors that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will not see any changes in length and breadth. It will only come thinner and lighter thanks to the redesigned hinge.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy will power the Galaxy Z Fold 5

Apart from the redesigned camera array and new hinge, the only other major upgrade that Galaxy Z Fold 5 will bring could be the processor. Rumors are that Samsung will ship the new foldables, including the Galaxy Z Flip 5, with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chipset under the hood. That’s the same processor that powered the Galaxy S23 series. It’s an overclocked version of Qualcomm’s latest flagship chipset.

The rest of the package should include a 4,000mAh battery with 25W fast charging, a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, an IPX8 rating for water resistance, a 50MP primary camera, a 10MP zoom camera, a 12MP ultrawide lens, stereo speakers, and S Pen support (Fold Edition). The Galaxy Z Fold 5 will lack a built-in S Pen slot, though. Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming Samsung foldable duo.



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