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‘Game of Thrones’ Star Diana Rigg Made Less Money Than the Cameraman for ‘The Avengers’ Season 1

Actor Diana Rigg rose in fame during the 1960s and had a steady career. She died in 2020 and left behind a notable legacy. The late star built an impressive net worth and appeared in projects people loved. For instance, Rigg was in Game of Thrones. Nonetheless, longtime fans remember her time on The Avengers. However, she saw minimal income compared to the cameraman in her first season.

Diana Rigg played Emma in ‘The Avengers’

When people mention the Avengers, they usually refer to the superhero team in the MCU. However, the TV show The Avengers has nothing to do with the Marvel comics. Instead, it is a British espionage series from the 1960s that ran for six seasons.



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