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Gender activists commend Chakwera

Minister of Mining Monica Chang’anamuno with Chakwera

Several activists including Women’s Manifesto Movement have lauded President Lazarus Chakwera for being conscious about Gender Equality Act in his newly released 27-member cabinet which has eleven women.

President Chakwera has appointed 23 Cabinet Ministers with 4 deputies totalling 27 new members. According to a statement signed by Colleen Zamba Secretary to the President and Cabinet, the appointments are with effect from 31st January 2023.

The new cabinet has seen president Chakwera reducing it in size by 13% while gender balance has been maintained at 40 percent women and 60 percent men as eleven women have made it into the new list.

Reacting to the development, Maggie Kathewera Banda who is the coordinator for Women’s Manifesto Movement, has described the new cabinet as a positive mark in line with Gender Equality Act.

Kathewera Banda has told this publication that Chakwera’s gesture is what they have been waiting for and she is confident enough that those women in the ministerial positions will by the end of the day deliver.

“Its commendable that the President has followed the Gender Equality Act in appointing his cabinet. This is what we have been saying all along. I believe that he is setting the pace for the nation.

“And its high time other sections of our nation emulated this example. I am confident that the women that have been chosen will deliver because they have the capacity,” reacted Kathewera Banda.

On the other hand, political and good governance commentator Humphrey Mvula told the local media that the 40 percent inclusion of women in the new cabinet, signifies strides in appointing women in decision making positions.

“The new Cabinet has reduced by 13% and 40% are women which shows that some progress is being made to have a small Cabinet that is fairly represented,” said Mvula.

In his cabinet,  President Chakwera has  maintained Nancy Tembo as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda as Minister of Health.

Kandodo is deputised by Halima Alima Daud with Madalitso Wirima Kambauwa being appointed as Minister of Education whereas Monica Chang’anamuno has been appointed Minister of Mining.

On the other hand, Vera Kamtukule is the new Minister of Tourism while Jean Muonaowauza Sendeza is the Minister of Gender. Agnes Makonda Nyalonje has been appointed Minister of Labour with Abida Mia as Minister of Water and Sanitation deputised by Liana Kakhobwe Chapota while Nancy Chaola Mdooko is the Deputy Minister of Education.

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