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‘Gilmore Girls’: 3 Off-Screen Storylines That We Would Have Loved to See Happen On-Screen

Gilmore Girls may have been mostly about the Gilmore family, but several other key characters factored heavily into the show. During its seven-season run, the series had a ton of different storylines featuring the main characters and the residents of Stars Hollow. Understandably some aspects of those storylines had to happen off-screen. Three off-screen Gilmore Girls storylines deserved some on-screen action, though.

‘Gilmore Girls’ never showed Taylor Doose becoming the town selectman again 

In season 5 of Gilmore Girls, Jackson Belleville, fed up with Taylor Doose’s tyrannical management of Stars Hollow, threw his hat into the ring to become town selectman. Jackson beat Taylor by a landslide in a town election, much to his horror. A couple of follow-up episodes focused on Jackson growing tired of the job’s constant stressors. He hated being town selectman so much that he gave up somewhere along the way. 



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