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GitHub co-founder founds Indie Publishing Label Null Games and announces first title

GitHub co-founder Chris Wanstrath announced Create Null Games, a developer-friendly publisher of indie games for PC, Mac, and consoles. Null’s first game, Tape to Tape, is coming to Steam this year.

According to Wanstrath in Festive message on the occasion of the founding of the companyNull Games is part of a new breed of indie game publishers that put developers first. The letter highlights the importance of fair and friendly labor agreements and publishing terms for independent game makers, taking a stand against the industry’s often unfavorable treatment of creators and unilateral publisher contracts.


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“We’re part of a new wave of independent game publishers that put developers first,” Wanstrath said, describing the company’s vision for partnerships and contracts. “Our publishing agreement contains some of the most favorable terms for developers. We partner with developers who share our vision, and in return, we share the risks with them.” Wanstrath wants Null Games to provide a more supportive environment for creating sustainable games, rejecting the “crisis culture” and treating both developers and players with the respect they deserve.

Its first game, Tape to Tape, is a fantasy sports game developed by Excellent Rectangle, inspired by classic titles like Mutant League Hockey, Super Baseball 2020, and NBA Jam. Although hockey is at its core, it was designed to appeal to sports fans and non-athletes alike. Players will embark on a journey filled with unique characters and vibrant teams, and have the opportunity to upgrade their abilities and rosters as they strive to become world champions.

Ribbon features ribbon Rogue Lite game It is inspired by Hades and Slay the Spire, but unlike many other games, does not include battle passes or loot boxes – a conscious decision by the publisher to show respect to the players. Loop gameplay is all about building your team and collecting permanent upgrades with up to four players either locally or online. Also, to add a unique touch, the game seamlessly blends hand-drawn 2D objects and 3D environments to make it stand out from other typical offerings in the market.

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