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Glen Waverley Football Club Players Caught Engaging In Oral S*x In Bar As Part Of Bet, Wife Leaves Australia Footballer After Unedited Video Leaked On Twitter

The shocking video shows a Glen Waverley Football Club player exposing his genitals while another player performs a sex act on him during Mad Monday celebrations with the unedited video viral on Twitter

Players were celebrating the end of the season at a public bar when the video was taken.

Glen Waverley Football Club Players Caught Engaging In Oral S*x In Bar As Part Of Bet, Wife Leaves Footballer As Unedited Video Is Leaked On Twitter

According to TMZ, the teammates made a wager on the day that whoever lost had to give the winner oral sex. “Football competitors – who play for Glen Waverley Football Club in Melbourne – made a wager after a day of heavy drinking on August 14, requiring the loser to perform oral sex,” the outlet wrote. Other customers at the bar told the Daily Mail that the team stole drinks, smashed glasses, and abused other customers, while the bathrooms were “covered with vomit.”

‘WTF Football Club’

The video quickly went viral, and it was removed from almost all social media platforms, with one commenter writing, sorry.” Exceptional grubs. Next season, the Glen Waverley Football Club will either not have any players or have a record number.

“I am on the Glen Waverley Football Club’s email list and got an email today addressing a “incident. Happening during “post season celebrations” and I thought, must be bad for them to put out a media release. I just saw the video in question. “

The Glen Waverley Club Promises Player Discipline

The club issued a statement condemning the players’ actions and expressing its “sadness and disappointment.” Glen Waverley FC confirmed that immediate action will be taken to discipline and educate players. “The committee realized an incident that occurred during ...-season celebrations of a senior playing group. 

“The individuals involved, and the broader playing group, are disciplined and educated. Counselled in the type of conduct expected by members of our Club, and the physical, emotional impact this has had on the families involved.”

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