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Gmail Updated The Compose Window With New Features



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We’re all used to typing up emails using Google’s client Gmail. It’s a popular platform, and it only gets better with time. According to a Google blog post, the company updated the Gmail compose window with a few features that will help make emailing your clients easier.

Gmail has been going through a few changes recently. Google finally pushed the Material You design aesthetic over to the web version of Gmail, and that brought some visual changes. This is welcome, as it added the new look to its app months ago.

Google update the Gmail compose window

Now, Google is adding some more changes to the Gmail web version. These will help make the process of composing emails a lot easier and more efficient.

For starters, when you add a recipient to the to, cc, or Bcc fields, you’ll see that contact’s profile picture. Before, it would only show you the chip with their name in it. Now, you’ll get a small preview of that person. This will help you better account for all of the people who you’re sending a message to.

Also, when you right-click on a person’s chip, it will summon a menu with some additional options. You’ll be able to copy that person’s name, copy their email address, cut the text, change the name, change the email address, along with other options.

You can change a person’s displayed name

If you want to change how a person’s name is displayed, but you don’t want to change the actual contact’s name, you can do that now. When you edit a person’s name, you’ll be able to have a different name displayed for other people to see.

The company will let you know if someone is outside of your enterprise

If a person outside your enterprise has been added to your recipient list, their chips will show up as a different color. It will have a yellowish hue if you’ve interacted with them before. If you haven’t interacted with them, then their chip will have a yellow icon. Also, a note will appear on the bottom of the screen telling you to be careful.

It will help you avoid adding someone twice

If you have multiple contacts with the same name, Gmail will make it easier to know which ones you already added to an email. If you’re searching for a recipient to send an email, and a person comes up that you’ve already added, you’ll see a check mark by their name.

Gmail will let you know if you’ve typed emails in the correct format

When you’re entering an email address, the system will actually tell you if you didn’t type it in the proper format ([email protected]). This will help you avoid sending emails to improper addresses.

There were other changes that were expressed in the blog, so you might want to check it out. Also, it will let you know which Workspace plans these are available for.



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