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Google Drive gets a new look and adds additional functionality to Android tablets

If you’re an Android tablet user, you’ve probably noticed that even if you have the best Android tablet on the market, or something a little cheaper, the experience isn’t that great. While things tend to work, most apps aren’t optimized for larger monitors. This isn’t much of an issue if you’re only using the tablet for recreational consumption, but it can get quite painful if you’re trying to be productive. Although Google Drive has received many updates in the past, its latest update brings much needed improvements to the visuals and interface, providing an overall better user experience.

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Google broke the news through its Google Workspace blog, where it shared that the new improvements to Google Drive will be rolling out to organizations that are on the fast release path. Those not on this path will receive the update shortly, with a launch planned for April 3rd. By default, most organizations should be set to the scheduled release path, which means that most organizations should receive the update a month later.

As for what the update brings, well, you’ll get new improvements for tablets, which include a navigation bar moved to the side, making it easier to scroll through the app, especially folders and files. Furthermore, the company has stated that the Visual Components have been optimized for a larger screen, with one of those parts being the file details for a specific file. While these aren’t the most exciting updates, they are quite functional, and improving on little things like these can make the app better and easier to use. Of course, if you want to give the app a try, you’re always free to do so, just note that the visual update is for Google Workspace accounts.

source: Google Workspace updates

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