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Google extends Chromebook support to 10 Years

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Google will now provide regular automatic updates for Chromebooks for a full 10 years, enhancing security and features.

Starting in 2024, if you have a Chromebook released from 2021 onwards, you’ll automatically receive updates for a decade. For older Chromebooks, users and IT admins can opt to extend updates to 10 years from the platform’s release.

Strong Built-in Security

Even if a Chromebook no longer receives automatic updates, it still maintains robust built-in security. The Verified Boot feature checks for any tampering or corruption during startup and repairs the system if needed.

Faster Repairs

Many schools extend the lifespan of their Chromebooks by conducting in-school repair programs. Google’s Chromebook Repair Program helps schools find parts and provides repair guides. Google is also introducing updates that make repairs faster, reducing the need for physical USB keys.

Chromebook Repair Program

Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Chromebooks

Being committed to sustainability, Google is now rolling out energy-efficient features, adaptive charging, and battery-saving features to compatible Chromebooks.

Adaptive Charging Settings Chromebook

Additionally, they’ve partnered with leading manufacturers like Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, and Lenovo to create more sustainable Chromebooks using recycled materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Recyclable Devices

When Chromebooks reach the end of their usefulness, they can be sold or recycled through resellers. Schools should remove devices from management before handing them over. Resellers can offer monetary or service credits in exchange.


Chromebooks reduce costs for school districts, allowing them to allocate more resources to teachers and students. They have lower upfront and operational costs compared to other devices, saving over $800 per device over three years.

You can check out update policy for Chromebooks from several brands here.

Announcing the updates, Prajakta Gudadhe and Ashwini Varma, Senior Director of Engineering, ChromeOS, said:

Since their inception in 2012, Chromebooks have made personal computing more accessible due to their affordability, making them an ideal choice for educational institutions seeking secure, simple, and manageable devices that are also budget-friendly.

We are excited to announce new measures to extend the lifespan of your Chromebooks. All Chromebook platforms will now receive automatic updates for a decade, a commitment unparalleled by any other operating system today.

With these updates, we reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that Chromebooks remain accessible, useful, and secure for everyone. Our goal is to enable you to learn and work on them safely for many years to come.