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Google has repair guides for the Pixel phones, but they're not in English

After much fighting on the legal front, companies like Google, Apple, and Samsung are compelled to let people repair their phones. Google has a great self-repair program that grants users official Pixel parts to repair their devices. As an added perk, the company offers repair guides for Pixel devices, but they’re in french.

Anyone knows that repairing their own phone comes with certain risks. They’re taking apart a factory-sealed device with their two hands. This means that newbies run the risk of breaking their device even more.

This is why Google made repair guides available for cautious users. These are large PDF files that explain just about every aspect of repairing the phone. Saying that the guides are large is a bit of an understatement, as they’re all over 100 pages.

The repair guides are in French

For some reason, it seems that Google only wants its French users to repair their phones safely. Back in July, Google released a repair guide for the Pixel 6a. This 188-page long document gives you step-by-step instructions to fix your device. The thing is that it was only available to those in France. Non-french people who tried to access it would get an “error 404” page. That’s a bummer for non-French users who worry about fixing their phone.

Now, there are repair guides on how to repair the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, and these are also in French. Just like with the Pixel 6a, these guides are inaccessible for users not in France.

However, thanks to 9To5Google, (via Phone Arena) you can download these guides if you’re not in France. If you can read the language, then you can simply download them by following this link.

While non-French users can’t use the guides that are straight from Google, iFixit, the company that Google partnered with for its self-repair program, offers guides. You know that these are legit because iFixit provides authentic Google Pixel parts.



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