Google Pixel Watch rear plate is randomly falling off

Google Pixel Watch is dealing with a design fracture. The users are complaining about the Pixel Watch rear plate randomly coming off without apparent reason. The number of complaints has been on the rise for the last few months.

Pixel Watch was one of the most anticipated gadgets from the Pixel family, and it’s arguably among the best Android watches you can buy right away. However, the wearable is now facing a loose rear plate that frustrates users. The owners on Reddit are sharing their experiences with the issue.

Yet, the reason behind it is known, but some users say the rear plate came off while removing the watch from the charger. So Google must indeed check the Pixel Watch chassis and its connection with the back plate. The number of impacted customers is yet to be discovered, but it doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue.

Pixel Watch rear plate is coming off, and no one knows why

The history of some complaints goes back to about two months ago, and Google has not yet officially reacted to this issue. A handful of users say they got a replacement after contacting Pixel support. However, not all impacted owners are this much lucky. Some customers claim that Pixel support charged them $300 to file a warranty claim, and in some cases, the replacement request was denied.

Such issues could impact users’ purchasing decisions and direct them toward rival watches like Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Apple Watch Series 8.

As long as we can remember, it’s not unusual for Pixel devices to come up with quality issues after launching to the market. Recently, users complained about Pixel 7 Pro volume buttons falling apart, preventing them from adjusting the volume. In another case, users reported the Pixel 7’s rear camera glass breaking without any external force applied.

If Google wants Pixel devices to hang in the same crowd as Samsung and Apple products, it needs to improve built quality to prevent similar issues in the future.